Scandalous Brides Series

Scandals rarely take place in the center of the ballroom, but on the fringes anything is possible.

Distinguished Rogues Series

The Distinguished Rogues of London society have the world at their feet, but they may have met their match in this steamy series.

Saints and Sinners Series


Also Available:
Saints and Sinners Books 1 to 4

Saints and Sinners books 1-4 book cover

The Wild Randalls Series

Every great family has a few secrets best left unspoken. The wild Randalls of Hampshire excel at them.


Also Available:
Wild Randalls Books 1 to 4

Rebel Hearts Series

Passion reignited. New love born. Temptation and sin lure these Rebel Hearts together at last!

Also Available:
Rebel Hearts Books 1 to 4
rebel hearts books

Miss Mayhem Series

The seaside town of Brighton is home to friends and neighbors with more than a passing interest in each other’s lives. Sisters are off limits for those with romantic inclinations and yet keeping the young misses out of trouble is a dangerous proposition for any unprepared bachelor.

Also Available:Miss Mayhem Books 1-4

Naughty and Nice Series

Flirty, fun, wicked romance. These regency romps are quick reads—novella and short stories.

Hunt Club Series – Gay Regency Romance

The members of London’s Hunt Club delight in all kinds of mischief, but their dark passions must remain hidden to protect themselves and those they love from scandal. Double the hero – Double the danger. This is a gay regency romance series not for the faint of heart. Read them if you dare!


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