Distinguished Rogues, book 20

No Ordinary Lady

She’s nothing but a common thief…and her next target is the Earl of Scarsdale’s heart.

Orphaned as a child and left in her uncle’s care, Marian Trill has known only a life of crime. Criss-crossing the countryside, she aids her uncle and his small troupe of thieves in conning well-to-do travelers…until one handsome mark catches her eye. Marian has no business betraying her only family for this gentleman’s safety…just as she has no business following Danny all the way to his country estate to return a valuable ring he left behind.

Daniel, Earl of Scarsdale, is returning home after years of avoiding the inevitable—marrying his neighbor’s daughter. He’d hoped to wed for love, but having failed at that venture, it’s time he took his duties seriously, even if it means settling for a woman more to his mother’s liking than his own. He didn’t count on the beguiling thief he met on the road following him home—nor on his scheming granny inviting her to stay as her companion.




Coming to the world of Revenge of the Wallflowers and the Distinguished Rogues… get ready to welcome a rake and a wallflower romance to the series.

Miss Kimble Bites Back

Gabby Kimble knew just who she wanted at the start of her first season. So why is she spending so much time with an allegedly wicked duke and defending him instead?

It’s Gabrielle Kimble’s first season in London, and like most young women, she’s determined to make a good match. She’s set her sights on the perfect man, someone handsome and witty and charming…but who doesn’t seem to notice her existence. When the opportunity comes to catch his eye at a ball, she takes her chance—only to accidentally wind up in a deserted room with a notorious rake! She’d sooner die a spinster than be caught alone with a man who’s alleged to be cruel to his own family.

Sebastien Spence, Duke of Mamble, knows precisely what society whispers about him behind his back. But his best friends know the truth…the real reason his sisters live outside the ton’s rumor mill…and the reason he’ll likely remain alone forever. That doesn’t mean he can’t put his title to good use. When he realizes the bold young lady who cornered him alone is overlooked in the ballroom, he’s intrigued enough to single her out, guaranteeing the interest of available bachelors…including the one Gabby claims to want. But who could possibly deserve a wallflower willing to bite back on his behalf.



Revenge of the Wallflowers, book 29

Distinguished Rogues, book 21

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Welcome and Happy Sunday. Each week I’ve been sharing 10 sentence snippets from my upcoming release, No Ordinary Lady, and it’s time for another post for WeWriWa blog hop post. I switched to my heroine’s (Marian Trill) POV last week and will continue for a few more weeks. If you missed last week, you can find that post here. Enjoy! WeWriWa #32 Excerpt… “I would have thought with the way his valet carried on about the shabby state of the inn that his master would have carried more upon him.” Uncle pursed his lips and glanced over at Billy. “Are … Read more

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Welcome back to another post for WeWriWa blog hop. I’m again sharing snippets from my upcoming release. No Ordinary Lady is done, just waiting for the proof of the print edition, which I’ll be taking with me to the Australian Romance Readers Book Signing in March. I’m switching point of view to my heroine, Marian Trill, a kind-hearted thief who’s life is a bit more complicated than even she knows at this point. Surprises are coming for her, and for Scarsdale. You can find the last post here. here. Enjoy! WeWriWa #31 Excerpt… “Did we get everything?” Marian asked as … Read more

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