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Desire by Design

Distinguished Rogues
Book 14

Spinster Sylvia Hillcrest will never marry. The Marquess of Wharton looks after his own. When the pair secretly join forces, it’s the triumph of the new season…or the biggest scandal ever should the ton learn what they’re up to.



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Romancing the Earl

Distinguished Rogues
Book 12

Lenore Griffin’s arrival creates confusion …especially for the earl who offered her the chance of a lifetime.



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A Word from Heather

Dear Reader,

I’m so glad you’ve come to visit! Since you’re here now, you already know my name and may have read some of my work already, but did you know I’m the author of over 40 sizzling Regency historical romances? I create sexy distractions from the real world that satisfy avid romance readers craving the excitement of stepping into a past era.

I may be Australian, but my books are all set in England and are sure to warm you up with loads of smexy rogues, original heroines and and boundless scandals in the making. Take a good look around. There’s plenty of hot historicals just waiting to tempt you to forget your troubles for a while.




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