An Earl of Her Own

Saints and Sinners, book three

Marriage is about finding that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life!

Rebecca Warner had a chance to be happy once, until her late husband callously broke her heart, and someone began running up debts in her name. Humiliated by the prospect of financial ruin, she’ll first help arrange the perfect house party to celebrate her sister’s marriage and then head to London to find the culprit—or she would if a certain annoying earl stopped distracting her.

Lord Rafferty enjoys tempting pretty ladies and getting in Rebecca’s way has long been a favorite pastime. She’s everything he’s not—reserved, committed to decorum, a pessimist—but then an accident reveals her life is filled with regret. With a greater awareness of her need for recognition, Rafferty seeks Rebecca’s counsel on the best way to raise his motherless daughter. He has no intention of putting his heart on the line, but when Rebecca turns to him late one night…it’s the start of something extraordinary.

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