Lord of Sin

Distinguished Rogues Series, book 10

Portia Hayes entered the marriage mart with her eyes wide open. She knew better than to choose a husband with her fanciful heart—even if she yearned to—or someone who would not advance her families standing in society. Her reward was a proposal from a wealthy, and highly respected peer of the realm. All she has to do is ignore her wilder instincts until after the wedding then she’ll resume her old habits, with all the freedom a married woman could ever want.

Lord Wade needs to marry someone—anyone—who will brings funds to rescue his impoverished family from total ruin. He had once set his sight on bubbly Portia, however, the lady is now promised to a rival who could never tolerate her little rebellions and might just punish her from what he’s heard. Wade cannot let this marriage take place, but the clock is ticking on his own future too. To save them both from marrying the wrong spouse, unlucky Lord Wade will have to play by Portia’s rules at last.

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Publish Date: August 6, 2019
Digital ISBN: 978-1-925239-57-7
Genre: Regency Historical Romance


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