Lord of Sin

Distinguished Rogues Series, book 10

Lord Wade’s family starts every day on the brink of financial ruin, though he has tried hard to hide that fact for years. Portia Hayes entered society with her eyes wide open, but after two exciting seasons dancing with fortune hunters she does not expect to be pursued for love. Both crave adventure and a chance to prove their value. Together they can take on the world…or could if Portia wasn’t already engaged to marry someone else.

Book Status: Pre-Orderable / On Sale August 6, 2019




Publish Date: August 6, 2019
Digital ISBN: 978-1-925239-57-7
Genre: Regency Historical Romance


Distinguished Rogues Series
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2. Broken – Giles and Lillian
3. Charity – Oscar and Agatha
4. An Accidental Affair – Merrick and Arabella
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6. An Improper Proposal – Martin and Iris
7. Reason to Wed – Richard and Esme
8. The Trouble with Love – Everett and Whitney
9. Married by Moonlight – Gilbert and Anna
10. Lord of Sin – Julian and Portia
11. The Duke’s Heart – Sinclair and Kitty