New Release: His Perfect Bride


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After the loss of her husband—and her left foot—Ophelia Shaw threw herself into running his distinguished cousin’s country estate, to great success. But managing the Duke of Montrose himself was never a task she’d anticipated…until he returns from London without a bride, determined never to search for another. Well aware of the gruff duke’s appeal, Ophelia is equally determined to change his mind and school him in the art of courtship—only to be swept off her one remaining foot!

Harry has returned home to the Widow Shaw in a very bad mood indeed, though not because he was jilted. In truth, the one woman he wants is not the lady who received his proposal. Now, Ophelia is resolute he should try again, insisting love doesn’t always happen at first sight. If she only knew… To placate her, Harry agrees, keen to have his “lessons” over and done with. They’ll either prove Ophelia wrong—or deliver his perfect bride right into his waiting arms.

* * *

A steamy Distinguished Rogues novella.

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At the door to the open carriage, she faced the interior with weary resignation. This was the tricky part. Climbing up two steps into a carriage was not always simple, but she refused to be lifted in anymore. No matter how well-intentioned that help might seem, Ophelia was tired of always feeling embarrassed afterward.

A pair of grooms rushed to stand at each side of her, ready to catch her should she become unbalanced and start to topple.

She handed one her cane and took hold of the newly added rails at each side of the carriage doorway and hopped up. On the first step, she wobbled. On the second, she grinned, but the harder step was still to come. She had to stretch farther forward without anything substantial to hold onto and hop inside to finally reach the carriage seat.

As she made an attempt, she wobbled—and then someone grasped her firmly around the waist from behind and steadied her.

“I have you.”

Ophelia fairly flew across the carriage then and landed horribly awry across one seat. Her skirts became wrapped around her legs, making it hard to straighten up with any sort of ladylike precision. She was embarrassed, her cheeks flaming.

The hands around her waist, the voice, had belonged to the Duke of Montrose.

The duke was back.

The carriage shook, and then gentle hands lifted her up and deposited her on the seat properly. She looked up at the Duke of Montrose’s stern face in utter surprise as he settled into the opposite seat.

“You are home,” she noted, then blushed even more. She had thought of him every day since he’d left her behind. It was such a relief to see him again that she fought to contain her overwhelming happiness. But contain it she must because the duke would likely not appreciate her making a fuss over him.

“Indeed. I should have known I would find you here again amongst the grasping rabble,” Montrose grumbled.

Montrose was not religious, they had that in common, and he had little time for the vicar, too. He’d never forbidden her from attending services on Sundays, but he never looked happy when she was on her way out the door.

He threw a thunderous scowl at the lingering grooms, who scrambled to return to their positions posthaste. Only with his nod of approval did the carriage begin to roll forward, driving them back toward the Sherringford Estate.

Ophelia wet her lips, suddenly nervous of him. “I wasn’t expecting you for some weeks yet.”

He grunted, scowled darkly, and Ophelia knew better than to ask another question straight away. The duke was a moody man. He could terrify his servants just by dropping a book too loudly.

She glanced out the window and spotted his larger closed traveling carriage following them home. So, he was only just back. Had he brought his bride with him already?

She lifted her hand, prepared to wave to the new duchess, until Montrose spoke.

“Don’t bother. There’s no one in the carriage,” he told her.

Ophelia met his gaze slowly, astonished by the news. Montrose had promised to return with his bride. He had sounded so sure that he would be a married man the next time they saw each other. “What do you mean?”

He scowled again. “She changed her mind.”

“Oh,” Ophelia said slowly—and was ashamed to realize she felt immense relief at the news Montrose was not married, or about to be. And then anger on his behalf. “But why?”

“Isn’t it explanation enough that she released me from the engagement?” he snapped, and then his jaw clenched. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Ophelia bit her tongue. She wouldn’t be getting any more conversation out of Montrose until he was calmer. She’d made a study of his moods and behaviors over the past months. If she pried, he’d throw up his defenses, and he’d tell her nothing at all.

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New Release: A Ramshackle Start


Tessa Abbott had never known contentment until she came to stay with her distant cousins, the Coopers. But it’s the eve of a wedding, and nothing will ever be the same again. When the bride and groom finally leave, Mrs. Cooper will be taking a holiday, and Tessa will be sent away from the only place she’s ever wanted to be…at home with the man of her dreams.

When Robin Cooper took in Tessa Abbott, he found a kindred, though wary, spirit he soon wished to spend the rest of his life with. But finding opportunities to declare his interest has been impossible with his family demanding almost all of Tessa’s attention. So he’s made a plan for after the wedding. She’s the plan. She just doesn’t know it yet.

* * *
This is a standalone regency romance short romp.

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Read an excerpt from A Ramshackle Start…

Tessa wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Anna was married, and such a beautiful bride indeed. Anna’s new husband, William Leven, couldn’t stop grinning, too, which made it clear to all that their affection was equally felt.
“Freddie is one lucky devil,” Mr. George Leven murmured, nodding his head toward the happy couple. As he handed Tessa the glass of punch she’d asked for, his fingers brushed hers, then paused to caress the back of her hand.
Tessa quickly took a step back.
“Possibly,” Robin said as he joined them, standing very close to her side. “Let’s see what he has to say about marriage after living with my sister for a week, shall we?”
Tessa longed to laugh at Robin’s remark. It might ease the sadness building inside her.
Mrs. Cooper had been positively gloating earlier to their neighbors about her impending trip to the sea, heartlessly ignoring how her bright future meant the end of Tessa’s peace. In just a few hours, the life that Tessa loved would be over. There would be no more breakfast trays sent to her room, no more quiet rainy afternoons in Robin’s company. She’d be on her own with old Mrs. Cooper.
“It is a pity there is no music today,” George complained, but then grinned at Anna warmly. “We could have shown everyone how well we dance together.”
“Dancing will have to wait for another occasion,” Robin told him, sounding cross.
As George took hold of her hand, she felt Robin’s touch at her back. Caught in the middle of the two very different men, Anna could barely breathe.
George Leven was loud and brash, competitive over everything. If his brother William bought a new coat, George would have a new one, too, before the end of the week. Once William’s marriage to Anna had been announced, George had begun dropping hints about wanting a wife himself. Unfortunately, he seemed to have singled out Tessa for that role.
“I have to say, I look forward to dancing with Tessa many times in the future,” George promised with a flirtatious twinkle in his eye.
Tessa eased back into Robin’s embrace a little more, alarmed that George would act so familiar without any encouragement on her part. She had never given him permission to use her given name. Only Robin had her permission for that. Tessa had never encouraged George Leven’s attention, but he continued to pursue her just the same.
Robin’s hand left her back, and he stepped around her. “Mr. Leven, perhaps we should have a private word now.”


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