March-April Regency Romance

The weekend is coming and I’ve got a whole bunch of wonderful steamy romances from the best regency authors to help you get through the next weeks of isolation! Check out the list of books available on below…

Read Today: New Regency Romance

Me – Distinguished Rogues Books 7-9
Sasha Cottman – Callum
Amanda Mariee – His Perfect Hellion
Jess Michaels – A Counterfeit Courtesan
Elizabeth Essex – A Breath of Scandal
Stacy Reid – An Unconventional Affair
Wendy Vella – The Sinclair & Raven Series, books 4-6
Bree Wolf – How to Climb a Lady’s Tower
Sandra Sookoo – Dressed in White
Collette Cameron – To Enchant a Highland Earl

Read in April: Upcoming Regency Romance

Tamara Gill – Dare To Be Scandalous
Sasha Cottman – Kendal
Amanda Mariee – A May Day to Remember
Tracy Sumner – The Rake is Taken
KJ Jackson – The Heart of an Earl
Emily Windsor – The Duke of Diamonds
Samantha Holt – Capturing the Bride
Stacy Reid – Forever Yours Series Bundle
Elizabeth Essex – After the Scandal

Regency Romance Deals

Sasha Cottman – Reid
Amanda Mariee – Her Perfect Rogue
Tracy Sumner – The Lady is Trouble
Collette Cameron – A Diamond for a Duke


Romancing the Earl is out!

What is one of the worst things that can happen to an indie author in release week? Having no internet! I have none still and it’s been a week since a lightning strike really close by knocked out our modem. A technician came and tried to fix it but without a replacement modem in his truck, we’re still offline. And there’s a delay, it was either 3 or 10 days wait depending on which Telstra puppet we talked to. Still no word on when the modem might be shipped. My mobile data is not strong inside my house so that’s all kinds of frustrating too.

New release: Romancing the Earl

I am so pleased to say the new book, Romancing the Earl, published without a hitch last week. Lord Carmichael and Lenore are so pleased to meet you and hope you enjoy their marriage of convenience romance.

Companion Lenore Griffin is in dire straits when a letter from a dear friend arrives, offering a new position. Relieved at her good fortune, Lenore packs up herself and her beloved dog, Hero, and makes haste for London. Upon arrival, however, not only does she find her old friend in a shocking state of dishabille, but she’s somehow mistaken his offer. He has not written requesting a companion for his new wife. He’s written to request Lenore become his companion…for the rest of their lives.

Price Wagstaff, Earl of Carmichael, must have been deeper in his cups than usual when he wrote that correspondence. He doesn’t remember a blasted word of it. Still, it is a disaster of his own making, and so he will do his duty by Lenore. He quickly decides his old childhood friend will make a sensible wife and an agreeable mother to his heirs. He can give her safety, protection and comfort. A marriage of convenience. Lenore need never know that Price’s heart can never be won.

Despite their intentions to live separate lives, the pair can’t avoid the closeness that intimacy provides, and soon, Price no longer wishes to. Is it possible that he may find love a second time? Perhaps…if his secrets don’t kill their chance at happiness. Again.

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What’s next:

Now that Romancing the Earl is out in the world for readers to devour,  I’m figuring out the next book(s) I want to write and publish this year. Lord Wharton feels he must be next, but there is also Lord Sullivan and Mr. Thaddeous Berringer to consider too. New stories (titles and release dates) will be announced early next month. Stay tuned…