Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion

What do electric cars, twitter, a mystery writer and an axed western sci fi series that won’t die have in common.
That would be actor, Nathan Fillion.

I’m a huge fan of Castle, as is the rest of my family – even down to my nine year old. There is something about that boyish smile, snappy dialogue and mad parenting style that gets my little heart to racing.
I’m eagerly awaiting the season return to my life to find out what happens after Kate got shot and Castle declared he loved her. Will he take his words back?

The kiss that had fans screaming Yes! (or was that just me)

Yet my appreciation for Nathan is really quite new. Castle first aired in 2009 (probably a year later here in Aus) and I’m just getting to know him. He’s an avid tweeter, has done amazing things for the publicity of the Arcimoto Electric Car, including getting to take a spin.

Taking a spin in the Arcimoto prototype with Jon Huertas

Yet he’s got an long back list of roles that I totally missed him in.

As Caleb in Buffy

Captain Mal in Firefly

In all honesty, I watched Firefly because an American friend raved about it. Sadly, I’ve watched the series three times and am only just warming to the concept of a western in space. The series seemed to end far too soon and from trawling the web I’ve discovered the browncoats are a massive fan following. Not bad for an axed show. Here’s hoping someone will get smart and resurrect it.
Now if I could just imagine him with a sensible English accent I could make him one of my regency heroes. Here’s to hoping.

Never tear us apart

Writing a new book doesn’t necessarily mean leaving old friends behind, especially when you have a series. In Charity, I ended a steamy scene between my hero and heroine with the one of my favorite and one of the most decadent characters I’ve ever written, Lord Daventry, Giles Wexham. Giles is the sort of man you want on your side when you’re breaking the rules. Here’s a snipped from chapter Seventeen:

They turned, and Oscar pressed Agatha against the bookcase. His fingers wandered down her leg and then slowly, very deliberately, raised her gown past her knees.

“Stop me.”

Agatha’s free hand cupped his face. “Never.”

Her lips settled on his again, searching and destroying his ability to think. She was, quite simply, voracious for him. Given that Oscar felt the same way, he dragged her gown the remaining distance until his fingers curled around her warm thighs. She was restless, hungry, and when his fingers brushed her curls he found her wet for him.

He couldn’t stop.

Agatha widened her legs.

A knock sounded on the closed door. Oscar’s eyes opened and he glanced around them guiltily. They were still alone. He pressed his brow hard against Agatha’s. “Almost.”

Her fingers slipped from his cheek, her body left him slowly, a tender parting that threatened to undo him once more. Her breath panted rapidly over his throat. “Perhaps next time we’ll be luckier. I suppose we should rejoin our hosts.”

Despite the disappointment, Oscar chuckled. “Must we?”

Agatha nipped at his jaw. “Lilly would be disappointed if we never came out.”

“And Daventry would be offended if that happened.”

“Damn right,” Lord Daventry growled from the other side of the door. “Join us as soon as you’re both decent again.”

I’m thinking Lord Daventry may need to have a short story written about his post-marriage escapades one day. But with everything on my plate right now, it might have to wait until next year. LOL.

What do you think of second epilogues?I’ve noticed a few springing up by well known romance authors.

Tuesday Temptation: Keanu Reeves

When you write short stories you a need to find new hero’s fairly quickly. Distracting and somewhat fun, I’m loving man candy blog posts on the web. This week, thanks to last weekend’s tv programming, I’m featuring the best and worst of Keanu Reeves.

Excellent and funny (but not sexy) in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Buff in Speed and Point Break

Love the suit but flawed in Constantine
Ignore the smile, he’s utterly evil as serial killer in The Watcher
The One and only Neo from the Matrix

Utterly perfect in The Lake House

At long last I have my own copy of the Lake House and I’ve watched it three times this past week, just for the joy that is Keanu.

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All I want is you

Don’t you just love it when romance characters are kept apart by their own foolishness. This week I’m posting an excerpt this week from my latest wicked regency romance novel, Charity, the final installment in The Distinguished Rogues series. In this emotional scene, inspired by the U2 song “All I want is you”, my hero and heroine are so close they could touch.

Agatha popped her head out her bedroom window and let her gaze rest on the adjacent balcony. Oscar wasn’t there. Not yet. She let her head fall, disappointed, and noticed a bag of sweets waiting. The sign of his constancy made her heart ache. She had thought he would stop leaving her little gifts.

She hefted the bag, and tossed it between her hands. By rights she should not accept such small pleasures, she should return them and hope he stopped being so kind. His continuing kindness was a sharp pain that never truly left her. The rattle of a door handle reached her ears. Agatha drew back, knowing the sound came from Oscar’s door. The sharp rap of boots rang on the tile, then a slither of sound, and a heavy thump.

When she peeked out the window again, Oscar sat with his back to her. Glass clinked to the tile and she could hear his heavy sigh. She laid her head on her arms, staring at the back of Oscar’s head and willing him to turn.

He stubbornly stayed facing the other way, drinking slowly from his glass. When the glass was empty he stood, brushed off his clothes. His head turned fractionally, finally acknowledging her presence. “I miss you.”

Then he disappeared inside his townhouse.

Agatha lifted her hands to the window frame, slid it shut, and then wiped the tears from her eyes.

Oscar and Agatha have been with me so long that I am strangely sad that I completed the story. Yet there are funny and smoldering encounters sprinkled through the story too. I’ll give you another peek next week.

Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp

I know the exact date and time I fell in love with Johnny Depp.
Yep, last Saturday night at 8:12pm.

Up until recently, I couldn’t understand the attraction.

Or the heavy sigh’s etc when his name came up

Maybe I warmed to him for Chocolate
but then Captain Sparrow was more funny than deserving the title sexiest man

However, I watched The Tourist last Saturday night and fell in love with him at long last.

I really hope he does more movies like this one.
His character, Frank Tupelo, was so great, so romantic, I turned to mush!
So I guess it’s not just the actors I fall in love with, its also the parts they play.
What about you? Have you ever loved an actor based on just one performance?