Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion

What do electric cars, twitter, a mystery writer and an axed western sci fi series that won’t die have in common.
That would be actor, Nathan Fillion and he’s my Tuesday Temptation this week.


I’m a huge fan of Castle, as is the rest of my family – even down to my nine year old. There is something about that boyish smile, snappy dialogue and mad parenting style that gets my little heart to racing.
I’m eagerly awaiting the season return to my life to find out what happens after Kate got shot and Castle declared he loved her. Will he take his words back?


Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion
The kiss that had fans screaming Yes! (or was that just me)

Yet my appreciation for Nathan is really quite new. Castle first aired in 2009 (probably a year later here in Aus) and I’m just getting to know him. He’s an avid tweeter, has done amazing things for the publicity of the Arcimoto Electric Car, including getting to take a spin.

Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion
Taking a spin in the Arcimoto prototype with Jon Huertas


Yet he’s got an long back list of roles that I totally missed him in.
Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion
As Caleb in Buffy
Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion
Captain Mal in Firefly
In all honesty, I watched Firefly because an American friend raved about it. Sadly, I’ve watched the series three times and am only just warming to the concept of a western in space. The series seemed to end far too soon and from trawling the web I’ve discovered the browncoats are a massive fan following. Not bad for an axed show. Here’s hoping someone will get smart and resurrect it.
Now if I could just imagine him with a sensible English accent I could make him one of my regency heroes. Here’s to hoping I can find a way.
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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Temptation: Nathan Fillion”

  1. Why did they ever cancel firefly? It was funny, witty, good story lines and it was different, i absolutely loved it. I suppose the same could be said for dark angel, moonlight etc, you just get addicted and they cancel them because not enough people are watching them. He's such a good actor and pretty good looking, what would you say if you actually meet him? Pat

  2. Thanks for dropping by Pat. I'd blush scarlet if I ever met Nathan Fillion. But I have very poor celebrity radar. I'd probably walk by him and someone else would say 'hey, did you see him?' LOL

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