Looking for love in all the wrong places

Completing projects gives me a nice warm feeling. I’ll readily admit to being goal orientated and love the moment when you can pack your notes away and slouch around for at least a few days. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve passed a major milestone and am nearing completion. Yet as I sat back last night and tried to decide what I’d do to celebrate this next release I sadly came up with some really weak ideas.

  • My first thought ran to sapphires and diamonds but …. I rarely wear jewelry.
  • I could go out to dinner, but I’m not sure what I’d eat. Possibly Italian.
  • If in the same situation, my youngest son thinks he would throw a massive party, but then I’d have to clean the house. (Hmm, maybe NOT)
  • And you can imagine what the husband of an erotic romance writer thinks she should do … get cracking on the research for the next book of course.

The best I could come up with is some nice Lindt chocolate or perhaps Lindt chocolate melted in scorching hot milk. Oh Yum. The perfect indulgence for when you can’t make up your mind and the weather is too cold.

When you reach a much longed for goal, how do you reward yourself for achieving it?? I’d love to hear.


  Just a little Ladybug Love to make you smile.
There’s a great regency in there I think! LOL
Till next week

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