Tuesday Temptation: Keanu Reeves

Sometimes when you write short stories you a need to find new hero’s fairly quickly in order to take advantage when inspiration strikes. Heroes are distracting and somewhat fun though, and I’m loving man candy blog posts I create on the website. This week, thanks to last weekend’s tv programming, I’m featuring the best and worst of Keanu Reeves as my Tuesday Temptation.



Excellent and he’s funny (but not at all sexy) in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Tuesday Temptation: Keanu Reeves
Totally buff in Speed and turned cool by the end of Point Break
Tuesday Temptation: Keanu Reeves


Love the suit but flawed in Constantine. Actually, I think Constantine is my favorite Keanu film. The anti-hero and I’m bummed they never made a sequel. (Can someone fund that please)
Ignore the smile, he’s utterly evil as serial killer in The Watcher. I watch this one for my long-term crush…James Spader
The One and only Neo from the Matrix. (There is no spoon)


Tuesday Temptation: Keanu Reeves


Utterly perfect and swoonworthy in The Lake House

At long last I have my own copy of the Lake House and I’ve watched it three times this past week, just for the joy that is Keanu.

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