Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp

Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp
I know the exact date and time I fell in love with Johnny Depp.
Yep, last Saturday night at 8:12pm.


Up until recently, I couldn’t understand the attraction.



Or the heavy sigh’s etc when his name came up in conversation with my friends


Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp


Maybe I warmed to him for Chocolate
Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp
but then Captain Sparrow was more funny than deserving the title sexiest man. (I mean his character looks like he’s not had a shower since birth)


Tuesday Temptation: Johnny Depp


However, I watched The Tourist last Saturday night and fell in love with him at long last. He seems a bit bumbling and unsure. Totally blindsided by Angelina Jolie’s beauty an oh, so cool character. (Just a hint: all is not as it seems). The character has layers and I’m sure we’ve only just scratched the surface of Mr. Depp’s too.



I really hope he does more movies like The Tourist.
His character, Frank Tupelo, was so great, so romantic, I turned to mush on the couch! (Don’t tell my hubby. He’s too busy eyeballing Angelina)
So I guess it’s not just the actors I fall in love with, its also the parts they play.
What about you? Have you ever loved an actor purely based on their performance in just one film?
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