Coming soon: Miss Watson’s First Scandal

Coming soon: Miss Watson’s First Scandal

There is nothing like a summer romance unless … it’s a regency romance set in the English coastal town of Brighton. I am so excited that the first novella in the Miss Mayhem series will be published early next month. Soon you’ll be saying hello to the irrepressible Miss Abigail Watson.

Coming soon: Miss Watson’s First Scandal

Overworked London banker David Hawke has two goals for his week in the seaside town of Brighton: one, recover an overdue debt from a good friend and neighbor and two, relax for the remaining holiday without any further distractions. When his friend’s impulsive younger sister barges into his home to beg his aid, he’s drawn deeper into her life and scrambling to keep their relationship on a professional level.

Abigail Watson may be considered too young to have the cares of the world on her shoulders but her brother is in trouble and she’s desperate to help him recover. Despite the impropriety, she appeals to the bachelor next door for an extension on the debt and his help to secure her brother a wealthy wife. However, matchmaking never runs smoothly and falling in love is something neither one counted on.

This story is a steamy regency romance novella.

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