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Hey, welcome back for a new round of WeWriWa (Weekend Writing Warriors) a weekly hop for writers who blog their work! Thanks everyone for dropping by last time and commenting. Much appreciated.
Last week I posted an excerpt from Wicked with Him and this will be my final installment from this book and this small scene takes place a few weeks after Amity’s ruin when he hears some unpleasant news…

Roman paced the Duke of Ravenswood’s drawing room, waiting for Stratford Sweet to join him. But as he stood in the Duke of Ravenswood’s London mansion an uneasy feeling was growing in his belly.

Amity had disappeared.

Utterly and completely.

From the night that Fairbridge had taken Amity from the ball, Roman had assumed her to be staying under the duke’s roof until the worst of the scandal had blown over. However, by all accounts, and a discreet question to the Ravenswood butler upon his arrival, Amity was never here. Not since the night Roman had ruined her had she been seen in public by anyone too.

Given her brother was prowling London with a perpetually sour face, he thought perhaps he didn’t know her whereabouts either.

He winced. He was a damn fool to be so worried about a woman he’d made love to only once. Amity had brought this scandal upon herself, and yet he couldn’t help but be concerned that he hadn’t lain eyes on her since. In frustration, Roman had come to his friend’s home in the hope of prying some gossip out of Stratford Sweet over drinks that afternoon.

Stratford had always loved to share tidbits of family gossip with him when they were out and drinking together. Amity might not need Roman’s help at all, but he felt he ought to be sure that was the case.

Thanks so much for reading my excerpts and your comments over the last weeks. Next week I’ll be moving on to book two of this series and sharing some excerpts from: Desperately Seeking Seduction


About Wicked with Him

Scandals rarely take place in the center of the ballroom, but on the fringes anything is possible.

Wicked with Him WeWriWa Unpleasant newsFrom the moment George Sweet stole his intended, Roman Crawford has pursued every possible manner of revenge against the nasty scrub. Though he does have his limits. Debauching Sweet’s sister, a veritable paragon of vestal goodness, is beyond the pale—yet that is exactly what the lady herself requests.

If public humiliation is the only way Amity can escape an arranged marriage to one of her vicious brother’s cronies, then it will be on her terms. She enlists the aid of her brother’s greatest enemy, who she’s certain will be happy to see her brother brought low by her corruption. But Amity is no fool. Roman’s heart will always belong to another.


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Good news today. I’ve finished a new short story. When I say finished I mean its gone off to my editor and is yet to be revised.
I love to break up my writing routine and write something unconnected to anything else I’ve done. A lot of the time they will end up part of a series, or the start of a new series but most don’t begin that way.
Of course now that short story is complete, I’ve got another on my mind. This one is for a multi-author collaboration. My installment would publish late next year. More on that down the track.
Oh and in other good news, if you’re an author or a reader who likes to make graphics, there is a new deal from App Sumo for a Deposit Photos. Get it before its gone.