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Oh, wow. What a crazy busy couple of weeks I’ve had. First off, thank you for your support of Guarding the Spoils. Since release, it’s literally flown off the virtual shelves and is currently sitting at number 11 on the Amazon Regency romance bestsellers list. But now the question everyone wants answered is ‘When do we get Rosemary’s story?’ September, people. Miss Randall is not quite ready to come out and play with the family just yet.

GtS Amazon Chart postion

And speaking of siblings, the first two books in the Wild Randalls series have surged up the charts of late thanks to the temporary drop in the digital book price timed to coincide with the release of Oliver and Elizabeth’s story. Engaging the Enemy reached No 1 in Regency Historical Romance at Amazon, three places shy of the top 100 kindle books. So astonished! I hope if you haven’t grabbed the stories yet you’ll snap them up now while the price is low.

In other news, I’m making changes to my newsletter scheduling from next month. Up until now, I’ve pretty much sent out a newsletter on the 20th of each month (give or take a few months). From now on, newsletters will be sent to coincide with new releases only, or fabulously good news. The next newsletter sent will be May 20 and then July 1st. I’m hoping that by cutting the newsletter numbers in half that I gain more writing time. 

It’s the weekend here, and I’m hoping to get out and about in the sunshine while the weather stays good. Hope your weekend is awesome.

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  1. Rosemary in September, + my 44th Wedding Anniversary. What a month that will be. I’d better start buying the Magners Cider now.

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