Release day for Guarding the Spoils

It’s here. It’s here. Release day for Guarding the Spoils has finally arrived. After months of planning, writing, editing and coaxing it along its ready to take its first steps into the world. Many thanks to my editor Anne Victory for her support and encouragement. I hope you all find Oliver as smexy as she did.

Guarding the Spoils

Elizabeth Turner once loved Oliver Randall, but was blind to his desire to travel without the encumbrance of a wife weighing him down. When she learned the truth, Beth settled for the security of a loveless marriage. Now a widow with a son to support, desperation has driven her into service at Romsey Abbey and directly into the path of the man she’d loved and lost.

Oliver has no intention of letting his dream of travel slip away again, even for a pretty face from his past. Since his return to the abbey, he’s planned a grand tour to the continent even while examining the astonishing emotional changes a decade apart from his brothers has wrought. The last thing Oliver wanted was stronger ties to the people living at Romsey. But then fate offers him both an affair and an unexpected friendship. Is it curiosity alone that stirs him, or the beginning of an unexpected adventure?


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I’m off to nervously pace and hope people are buying and loving the book.


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4 thoughts on “Release day for Guarding the Spoils”

  1. Have read all three Wild Randall’s (twice) loved them. I went on Amazon and chose these books because they had 4.5 or 5 star rating. I give them all the same.
    Can’t wait until September to find Rosemary.
    In Guarding the Spoils, on 1622 of my Kindle the paragraph “How odd. Uncle George?” Should this be Uncle Henry”?
    Also when wrapping up the final book in this series, I would love to have some information about the “old” duke. He is mentioned in all of the books and would love to have background as to “why” he did what he did. Maybe book 5 could give us a look at the history of this series.

    • You read them twice. LOL Wow. Thanks so much. A history of Romsey wouldn’t be very pleasant, Leopold’s side of the family was so much nicer. LOL But I will think about it.

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