Be Swept Away this Valentines Day with a Blog Hop

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yay, first blog hop of the year and it’s for Valentine’s Day. So glad you could join me and the other authors on the hop for a chance to win some great prizes. Thanks to the hop we get to brag share our thoughts on Valentine’s Day. Or rather, you do if you want to be in the running for an copy of The Distinguished Rogues eBundle. There are two to be won.


The Distinguished Rogues of London have met their match and are about to have their world turned upside down. The Marquess of Ettington better be quick in CHILLS. Lord Daventry has his hands full in BROKEN. But can Lord Carrington become a knight in shining armor in CHARITY? This ebook contains three full length regency romance novels.


To enter the draw, all you need do is answer one simple question.

What do you hope never to get as a Valentine’s Day gift?

To start you off, I’ll share mine.

I hope I never get a vaccum cleaner for Valentines Day. I don’t care how expensive it is, it’s just going to suck. (Get it? Sorry, my sad attempt at humour)

Can’t wait to read yours!

UPDATE: Contest closed. Winners to be notified shortly by email. 🙂


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Beverley Eikli/ Beverley Oakley
8 years ago

I hope never to get a paper picker-upper on a long stick to replace the one I lost that was given me for my 40th birthday when I was too pregnant to bend over to pick up my socks and my husband who had just broken his back was in rehab and only had surgical aids to choose from:)

Meghan Stith
Meghan Stith
8 years ago

I hope never to get a breakup!
mestith at gmail dot com

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