Six Sunday #23: In the Widow’s Bed

Welcome back for the final excerpt from In the Widow’s Bed, my regency cougar romance and my last Six Sunday for a little while. I need to finish up my current wip so no distractions for June. Apologies too for not reciprocating on everyone’s posts last Sunday. An injury kept me offline all of this past week. All better now — thank goodness.

In this scene, its the morning after the big scandalous night and poor Jonathon is battling his memories of the evening. Enjoy.

* * *

Lady Jocelyn sat across from him, daintily eating her breakfast and sipping her tea. But she had stretched out her leg and was currently running her toe up and down his trouser in a brazen flirtation.

However, what aroused Jonathan was Lady Warminster’s presence across the room, fixing herself a heaped plate of food. He could usually bear the sight of her without reaction, but today her smile tortured him. She looked smugly happy, content and, given the way her lips lifted for no obvious reason, he wondered if she was thinking of last night.

Jonathan tucked his legs under his chair, turned the page, and tried to concentrate on the goings on in parliament that he’d missed during the recent sessions.

* * *

I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments each week, and those visiting my blog for the first time. You will find amazing authors participating in Six Sunday by visiting the host site, Six Sentence Sunday and by searching for #sixsunday via Twitter.

22 thoughts on “Six Sunday #23: In the Widow’s Bed”

  1. Hehe… yes parliament is a great way to get one’s mind off more exciting subjects. Good luck with finishing your wip and I look forward to your return to Six Sunday in July 🙂 You will be missed.

  2. Why do I love the fact that her smile tortured him? Teehee!!! Good job with what Jonathan sees. Nice six!

  3. A love triangle. I just loved the awkwardness you wrote here for the hero, seeing the woman he was with looking smug and content, while another is touching him, well done!

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