Six Sunday #22: In the Widow’s Bed

Welcome back for annother excerpt from In the Widow’s Bed, my regency cougar romance. In this scene, Phoebe is meeting her secret lover for the first time. It’s dark and she cannot see him. Enjoy.

* * *

A spill of light brightened the chamber briefly, and she caught sight of a tall form entering her room. The floorboards groaned as he came closer, fabric slithered in the dark, and then the foot of the bed dipped.

“Enchantée, ma belle.”

A Frenchman? Phoebe wracked her brain for his identity. There had been none on Warminster’s list that she could remember and she inched up the bed.

* * *

I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments each week, and those visiting my blog for the first time. You will find amazing authors participating in Six Sunday by visiting the host site, Six Sentence Sunday and by searching for #sixsunday via Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Six Sunday #22: In the Widow’s Bed”

  1. And she inched up the bed… !!?! That’s where you’re leaving it? Damn you six sentences… a very engaging six.

  2. This is lovely. I like the “spill of light” and how you used the atmosphere to show how she saw the character. And, a little bit of mystery too! I liked this.

  3. She asked for this, so I hope she doesn’t back out now! I have a feeling her mysterious visitor is someone she knows… I wonder why he is pretending to be French? Intriguing six!

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