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20120622-212403.jpgI’ve just been very busy making up for lost time. I’ve had my head down and tail up for the past few weeks working on Forsaking the Prize, book 2 of my Wild Randalls series. The story is coming along great. I’m utterly smitten with Tobias, and the novel should be on track to release in September.

For those of you who’ve posted reviews of Engaging the Enemy and told me about them I really appreciate it. You’ll have your copy of Forsaking the Prize first before it’s released elsewhere.

What else is new? One of the most important things I’ve done in the last two weeks is take a good look at the way I work, and my publishing plans for the future. If you’re an indie author I highly recommend you read  ‘Think Like a Publisher’ by Dean Wesley Smith. He does have the individual chapters posted to his blog but the book is great inspiration to read from front to back in one sitting. The chapter on scheduling and selling to Independant Bookstores really made me think that I’m not ambitious enough. Smith is clear and to the point, with not a lot of annoying fluff about the past clogging up the begging as I frequently see done.

What’s next? I’m blogging at Ladyscribes today. My scintillating topic – Sudden Computer Death Panic Attacks and how to solve them with Dropbox. I’d love for you to visit.

Also tomorrow (Tuesday 9PM US EST / Wednesday 11am Aus EST) I’ve been invited to join Beverly Eikli and Tamara Gill at Coffee Time Romance for a chat about her new release and regency historical romance. Swing by and join us for giveaways and good conversation.

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