Let it Snow is Live

Let it Snow is Live Cover ImageWeary from dodging wandering hands, Yvette Valiant escapes yet another scandalous house party and her brother’s dubious protection, fleeing into a snowy landscape, intent on returning home to Bath for Christmas. One stranded coach later, she’s rescued by the biggest rogue of them all—her brother’s best friend.

A scoundrel he may be, but even Luc Ayles is capable of love. What else would have him chasing a woman who seemingly detests the very sight of him? When Yvette foolishly puts her safety and reputation in jeopardy, Luc rushes to her aid, despite knowing his affection is the last gift Yvette could ever want for Christmas.

Then again, it’s the season of giving…and if Yvette would only give him her heart, it could be the happiest holiday ever.

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New Release Pleasures of the Night!


So excited that it’s finally time to share my new release Pleasures of the Night… another Distinguished Rogue has met his match.

ebook and paperback of Pleasures in the NightThaddeus Berringer has reconciled himself to a future of great riches, but also unceasing responsibility as the Duke of Exeter’s only heir. He’s in no hurry to be leg-shackled, despite his cousin’s urging. But he’s keenly interested in bed sport with a certain spinster who’s proven more wanton than wallflower. Eugenia Hillcrest’s passions and expectations for a brief fling match his own completely, delighting him in every way. But just as he’s considering the advantages of a lasting connection with her, he’s stunned to learn his perfect lover was never his to kiss in the first place.

Eugenia has for years lived as a spinster, and is certain she’ll remain one. So it was with little hesitation that she begins a thrilling affair with the Duke of Exeter’s handsome heir, Mr. Berringer. She revels in every stolen kiss and caress, but expects to lose him to a wife one day. Never in a million years did she imagine she’d lose him to a husband. Her deadhusband back from the grave. Confused and unconvinced, Eugenia is willing to do anything to keep control of her life—even if it means leaving her life and the man she loves more than she’d dreamed possible.

*** Pleasures of the Night is a full-length steamy regency historical romance. It’s the sixteenth book in the Distinguished Rogues series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

What reviewers are saying…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “This book was a delight it was all twisty and unexpected…I highly recommend this book!” ~ Crystal, Amazon reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “The twist in the plot definitely had me turning the pages.” ~ Jabeen S, Goodreads reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “…just the right amount of historical feel without throwing an anchor around the plot.” ~ Bin Blogs Books

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Equal parts sweet and wicked…too intriguing to put down.” ~ Betty Loo’s Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Perfect for fans of the Bridgerton series! It has all the drama of society, the Ton, and much more scandalous!” ~ Alys C, Negalley reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “This book has a little bit of everything (mystery, sex, romance….) and it perfectly delivers it all.” ~ Candice B, Netgalley reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Looking for smexy times, check out this book.” ~ Angela D, Amazon reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “If you loved Bridgerton – this is right up your street!” ~ Maria M, Netgalley reviewer

Thank you so much to my ARC team too for reading and reviewing this novel so quickly. You’re the best!

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Meet Tessa Abbott

Book cover image of A Ramshackle StartMeet Tessa Abbott in this excerpt from A Ramshackle Start:

“I suppose if I am ever to marry, I will have to attract a suitor with my smile and my flirtatious wit,” she joked.
Anna hooted with laughter. “Timid little you? Flirtatious? I swear you and my brother are the two souls most likely to never be described as having great wit or to flirt, and certainly not ones to ever let anyone know your deepest, darkest feelings.”
Tessa liked Robin a great deal for all of those reasons, so she silenced Anna again with her hand over her mouth. She liked Robin’s quietness, his unchangeable nature, and also their secret conspiracy to dampen Mrs. Cooper’s theatrics. Robin claimed that no greater source of entertainment could be found in England than when his mother was outraged.
Tessa did agree with Robin perhaps too much, which unfortunately had rendered her somewhat invisible to him. Robin had never noticed that she’d fallen for him almost on the very day they’d met.
“Please say you will write to me every day. I dread to think of how much quieter you will become in that dreary place.”
Tessa very much dreaded living with old Mrs. Cooper, but she didn’t dare reveal how much. She didn’t want to spoil Anna’s wedding day tomorrow. “Will you be content to know I plan to run around the Begley Cottage once a week, laughing at nothing at all.”
“She’ll think you wild and might just send you back to us.” Anna huddled closer, resting her chin on Tessa’s shoulder. “I will miss you,” Anna whispered in her ear. “I tried to convince William to let you come and live with us in our new home.”
“I will miss you, too, but I would never follow you to your new home. You’re to be a newlywed.” Tessa fought back the tears by laughing. “I expect you will be too busy leading William a merry dance.”
Anna gave her a tight squeeze. “You may be right about William and me.”
Tessa’s tears fell, but she dashed them away with the back of her hand. Anna was loved. Tessa was not. She forced her sadness away. “When you marry William tomorrow, I want you to start off on the right foot. You’d better let him catch you a time or two.”
“Oh, I will.” Anna giggled softly. “I know what to do. Mother and I had the talk about doing my solemn duty to my husband the other night.”
Tessa twisted up and around on her bed to stare at her cousin in shock. “No!”
“Oh yes,” Anna chuckled evilly. “I have all the details that I know you’re dying to hear. Shall I tell you now so no one else can embarrass you?”
“Yes, please,” Tessa begged. She’d been waiting for, and fearing, the talk for as long as she could remember.
Anna leaned close and began to explain how a lady went to bed an innocent and woke up a woman with the hope of a family inside her—adding many intimate details of what happened between men and women in the privacy of a bedroom. Tessa was blushing twenty shades of pink by the time Anna finished. Tessa could only imagine her fantasy—the sandy haired Robin—touching her in that manner.
“Oh my,” she gasped.
“I couldn’t stop laughing at Mother’s expression when we met with William for tea after the talk. Every time her eyes dipped from his face, I wondered if she remembered what she said we would do together. It was simply too horrifying for words to contemplate.”
“I’m glad I missed it.”
Anna gripped her hand tightly. “You were stuck with Robin as he sorted through those old newspapers looking for that story he mentioned.”
Tessa smiled at the happy memory. Time spent alone with Robin was precious and very rare.

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New Release: A Husband for Mary

New release: A husband for mary cover imageIt’s re-release day for A Husband for Mary!

When Mary Vine kissed a handsome stranger at the Fenwick Masquerade, she never imagined the extraordinary attraction could be for the most disgraceful rake in London. A man she knew far too well…

This is a steamy regency romance short story! Current digital price 99c. Get it in print if you prefer.

This story was previously published in the Fool for Love Anthology.



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New Release: An Earl of Her Own

Hey, Romance Fans. I’m super excited to share the news that my new book An Earl of Her Own is available to read today.


The Saints and Sinners story so far..

At Christmas, the Duke of Stapleton was dreading the loss of his youngest daughter (Jessica) to marriage, but then fell in love with the paid companion – Gillian. They married in London before Jessica’s season began.

Unfortunately, Jessica did not find a husband while she was away in London. Upon returning home she discovered love was waiting for her there and accepted a marriage proposal from her best friend–Gideon Whitfield. Everyone is pleased about the match.

My new story begins as Jessica’s upcoming marriage is announced and there’s so much to do at Stapleton Manor to please the duke and make this a wedding to be remembered. The task of preparing the manor for the event has fallen on Rebecca Warner’s shoulders due to the new duchess’s expanding waistline and ill health.  Rebecca doesn’t have time for distractions and she sure doesn’t expect she’s singled out for seduction by the usually drunk Lord Rafferty.

You can find out more on the book page. You’ll find the first two chapters to read plus all the purchase links you could ever need. If you pre-ordered a copy I hope you enjoy the story. And if you loved it, be sure to leave a review. You’ll make my day if you do.


Time for something new… A Gentleman’s Vow is out now!

Time for something new… A Gentleman’s Vow is out now and available to readers in Australia!

Readers in other countries should have their copies soon. If you didn’t pre-order your copy, I hope you’ll check it out today. A Gentleman's Vow cover image<

Jaded by the experience of dodging fortune hunters during her first season, Lady Jessica Westfall returns home to the estate she loves expecting peace…until the biggest fortune hunter of all follows her from London. To keep Lord James at bay, Jessica enlists the aid of her neighbor, Gideon. As her lifelong friend, Giddy can be trusted to help thwart James’ pursuit, while also satisfying Jessica’s budding interest in things of an intimate nature…things like the kisses she’d missed out on during her season.

Gideon Whitfield’s quiet bachelorhood is interrupted by the arrival of a marriage-minded widow to the nearby village, with her sights set on him as her savior. But the greater threat to his peace proves to be his dear friend’s daughter, Lady Jessica Westfall. Gideon has always adored Jessica, and had expected the headstrong beauty to marry well in her first season. When she comes to him for help avoiding the unwanted advances of a fortune hunter, and also lessons in love—he may prove utterly incapable of helping her while guarding his own heart in the process.

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Read an Excerpt…

The French doors to Gideon’s drawing room were open to allow the breeze to enter. Believing him to be home, she decided to speak to him before continuing on her walk.

A flash of blue across the grounds caught her eye and, expecting Giddy, she turned, lifting her hand to wave. She froze instead.

A woman wearing blue, a stranger with dark hair and pale skin, was strolling beneath the trees at Gideon’s side.

Jessica darted inside the nearest walled garden before she was seen where she ought not to be without a chaperone.

Hearing no footsteps or anyone calling out to her, she risked a peek around the open archway. She was in luck; Gideon and his visitor appeared not to have noticed her at all. They were still some distance away and not looking in her direction. Unfortunately, there was only one way out of this particular walled garden, and while Gideon would not scold her, Jessica had no choice but to remain where she was until the stranger went away.

Jessica inhaled her scented flowers as Gideon and the woman continued to talk. What they said, she couldn’t hear, but Gideon laughed suddenly.

He held out his hand, and the lady shook it.

And then the woman laid her hands on Gideon’s waistcoat and stretched up on her toes to kiss him full on the lips.

Jessica covered her mouth with both hands to hold in the gasp of shock that would reveal her presence to Gideon and the woman.

She had not believed Natalia’s tale held any truth yesterday. But here it was. Right before her.

Gideon Whitfield was courting someone at last!


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