December News: Where did the year go?

Hey, Regency Romance Fans!

Happy December and can you tell me where the year went? I feel I’m not yet ready for Christmas but what can you do? December 1st is when I always put my Christmas Tree up and decorate the house. It’s time to think seriously about celebrating and spoiling my family. But now to the December news:

The month that was…

November was release month for Yours Until Dawn, Distinguished Rogues Book 19. So happy to have that novel released into the wild (or to ereaders) It’s one of my favorite books that I’ve written. If you love to write reviews, I’d be grateful if you’d post to Goodreads, Bookbub or any of the retailer sites.

November was also crunch time for finishing Desperately Seeking Seduction for edit. That’s done and returned with not a lot of changes needed before its fit for publication in April.

The current month…

December has become an emotional time of year for me. I lost my amazing dad December 4 and in previous years that loss has lowered my enthusiasm for the entire month. But I’m determined to find my Christmas cheer this year. I’m hoping a constant stream of Christmas movies and romances will help. Suggestions for books and viewing are always welcome in the comments.

I also need to get cracking on my next work in progress. I only have a few handwritten notes so far. But I have my new hardcover spiral notebook so its just a matter of time before actual typing occurs.

What’s coming in 2023…

More regency romance of course! I have the whole year planned out already.

You can find more about these upcoming books on each books page

I know its too early to say Happy Christmas but I want to wish you and your family and friends a wonderful, satisfying December instead. Stay safe and keep reading.

Out Today Yours Until Dawn

It’s been a long time coming but the latest Distinguished Rogues romance, Yours Until Dawn, should be on your readers now and be available to purchase if you didn’t set up a pre-order. Aurora and Drew one of my favorite couples to write. I shed a tear or two while writing, and made my editor do the same during edits. (I’m terribly proud of that feat btw)

Thanks to some unexpected surgeries my plans to publishing more often during this year got completely derailed. Happy to report I’m all better, slimmer, too. I’ve adjusted to my new eyesight, and I’m completely back into the swing of full time writing. I’ve a new series coming out in 2023 ~ Scandalous. Book 1 (Wicked with Him) is written and I’m just about to finish the second (Desperately Seeking Seduction) for its edit date next week, too. Both are available for pre-order (links on the website coming soon page). I love being ahead of my publishing schedule at last but in the meantime I hope you enjoy my latest release…


Out Today: Yours Until Dawn

yours until dawn ebook and paperback cover

She’ll make him a match…ready or not.

Lord Sullivan loved and lost and has returned to London for one purpose only—to find a second bride and have another chance to live happily ever after. But, the widowed earl foolishly promised to marry this season or allow his family to choose his new bride. When the right woman, from the right family, with the right level of appeal, proves utterly elusive, he turns to a discreet matchmaker for help.

Aurora Hillcrest loves the thrill of new romance, but, as she tells the handsome Lord Sullivan, she does not believe love is vital for his future marriage. His heart still belongs to his late first wife anyway. She’s eager to get him to the altar by any means possible—short of marrying him herself, of course.

With Lord Sullivan satisfactorily wed, her new venture as a matchmaker will earn a valuable letter of recommendation to show future clients. Indeed, what could be simpler than matching an outwardly proper—and privately lusty—earl with…well, she’ll think of someone to take him on. Even if that eventuality begins to bother her more than it should.

Yours Until Dawn is a full-length regency historical romance novel. It contains mention of past childhood traumatic events. It’s the nineteenth book in the steamy Distinguished Rogues series but can be read as a stand-alone.

You also might need tissues for this one….



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Time to write…

Just a quick post because the muse is nattering in my ear twenty-four-seven at the moment and always telling me its time to write. But I wanted to give you an update on work and real life stuff before the month of August ends.

First up…I’m running a giveaway for three paperback copies of Chills right now. The draw ends October 5. Postage will be worldwide. Enter here and good luck.

Chills paperback giveaway image

Yours Until Dawn is now done and all editions are available for pre-order. The book releases November 15. There’s an ebook, paperback, hardcover, and Digitally Narrated Audiobook edition. Audiobooks are available only on GooglePlay and Kobo at present.

The muse has me writing up a storm for the new series I want to launch in early 2023. I’m very excited about this one. I adore writing brothers and the ensuing family drama when they’re gathered together. The first book (Wicked with Him) is in edits right now, book two is flying off my fingers, and the later books main characters are getting loud. I still have covers to design yet and release dates to settle on, but it shouldn’t be long now until I have some news on that score.

On the me front, I’ve pretty much adjusted to life after cataract surgery I had in July. That was a scary time for me, being worried about how the change might impact my ability to write afterward. But I had the best eye surgeon I could hope for and I should not have worried at all. Thanks Dr. Peter. Love your work! And about that story you wanted me to write based on how you and your wife met…well, that’s still percolating in my brain. 😀

Well, that’s it from me. Time to write…these characters won’t seduce each other without my help.

Time to write