WeWriWa #29: No Ordinary Lady

Greetings again. I’m sharing another excerpt from my upcoming release as part of the WeWriWa blog hop. This excerpt follows on immediately from the last post. You can find it here. Enjoy!

WeWriWa #29 Excerpt…

“Once every other year is more than enough time to spend in close proximity with my mother,” Daniel announced with a nod as the carriage rolled to a stop in a muddy inn yard. “By all reports, the estate has thrived without my personal oversight anyway. Secure lodgings for us.”
Daniel glared at Sunday until he exited the carriage and left him to the task of speaking with the innkeeper to secure rooms for the night for himself and his servants. But it was mostly so Daniel wouldn’t have to look upon Sunday’s disappointed face again.
Daniel had enjoyed his week’s long journey homeward. Sunday had not. They had meandered from London into Sommerset, visiting any friends within a reasonable distance from the main roadways.
Daniel had a lot of friend, and had an abundance of enjoyment in their company.
He’d ate well, slept sufficiently, and flirting with as many pretty women as possible.

And a little more of the scene…

His journey was almost at an end, but he wanted one more night more or less to himself.
Eventually, he got out of the carriage too and looked about the village of Wraxall. He had never actually stopped here before since it was so close to home, but would make the time to it explore now. He doubted he’d ever have leisure to do so again.
The night before he announced to his family that he intended to marry was his last night of complete freedom as a gentleman. After tonight, he would never be unencumbered by a source of guilt again.


Thanks so much for reading my excerpt. I’ll continue sharing more of this upcoming release in the coming weeks but don’t forget to visit the other authors taking part in WeWriWa, click the image below.

WeWriwa #29

WeWriWa #29
No Ordinary Lady
Distinguished Rogues #20

She’s nothing but a common thief…and her next target is the Earl of Scarsdale’s heart.

Orphaned as a child and left in her uncle’s care, Marian Trill has known only a life of crime. Criss-crossing the countryside, she aids her uncle and his small troupe of thieves in conning well-to-do travelers…until one handsome mark catches her eye. Marian has no business betraying her only family for this gentleman’s safety…just as she has no business following Danny all the way to his country estate to return a valuable ring he left behind.

Daniel, Earl of Scarsdale, is returning home after years of avoiding the inevitable—marrying his neighbor’s daughter. He’d hoped to wed for love, but having failed at that venture, it’s time he took his duties seriously, even if it means settling for a woman more to his mother’s liking than his own. He didn’t count on the beguiling thief he met on the road following him home—nor on his scheming granny inviting her to stay as her companion.


No Ordinary Lady is a steamy regency romance novel.

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  1. the opening sentence says it all 😉 I like the blurb and I have a feeling during his “time to explore” he might ‘explore’ more than he bargained for.

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