Sam or Dean Winchester

Sam or Dean WinchesterCalling all hopeless romantics! It’s the month of February and there’s so much going on I’m already exhausted! On the writing front I’m having a good year so far. I always write with noise– music but not radio. I find the talking interrupts my train of thought. But an old favorite tv series (streaming) works great as well. The writing fuel for January and February is Supernatural (for like the 100th time). Who do you favor, Sam or Dean Winchester or is it Castiel? Keep reading to find out my hero inspiration from the show.

The January word count was high and consistent over last month. I’m working on multiple projects at once and it feels really good to write that way again. I used to write that way in the beginning before I started overthinking things. I’m a writer who has to puzzle her way to the last page and I don’t do well with outside distractions.

Scandalous Brides series

The next story is coming along, not as fast as I’d hoped but progress is progress. Nash and Laura were being difficult in the beginning (with each other and with me too) but I think they turned a corner last week so now we can get to the good stuff…getting them into bed and the happy ever after they deserve.

Short is good too

I love writing short stories. A lot of authors don’t. My first published release was a short story and they are great for my motivation and my #1 achiever personality trait. They are quick and straightforward tales for me to tell and easy quick reads for my readers too. I got an idea for a story one morning in January and managed knocked it out in just two weeks. That might be a personal record for me. The story needs editing of course but that story is now in the bank for release later this year or perhaps next. Short stories are good for anthologies, too.

Author Collaborations

Speaking of collaboration, I’m organizing another Christmas themed anthology for release later this year. Should be great and will feature a lot of new authors I’ve not published with before. Keep your eyes peeled for details on the blog or the coming soon page on my website in the second half of the year.

Party Party Party

Valentine’s Day has turned into a commercial enterprise and a lot of people don’t buy into all of it. My hubby and I do very little on the day, but its always a good excuse to have another reason tell him I love him to death. On Valentine’s Day (really the day after for me), I’m headed to Collette Cameron’s Facebook Group for a party running from 12pm- 6pm US EST. If you’ve the time, I’d love to see you there.

So, Sam or Dean Winchester?

Personally, I’m Dean all the way. He’s hilarious.

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  1. Dean all the way for me too! Cheeky, sexy, funny & I might just be really weird but there is something very hot about a guy being covered in dirt from having just fought a demon…..

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