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The Winter Wishes Anthology published on October 15 and its been incredibly well received. Reviews have been pretty positive and quick coming in. Thank you reviewers. You truly are the best. Followers of my blog might recall, I’d been working on this anthology for a while now. About a year ago, I started inviting authors, making decisions, creating covers/graphics, formatting for print and digital, setting up marketing to launch the book worldwide.

Creating a project like this is a huge job but it was just me working either. Every author involved got the word out to make this launch amazing with their boundless enthusiasm for the anthology and their time. Reviewers and our readers did too. It takes a great team and I’m very grateful.

As the publisher of this indie project, I had access to all the numbers but I didn’t dare hope too much. It has taken me a few days to get my head around the really big news we got on Thursday. Honestly, for the first 30 minutes after I heard (it was still pre-dawn for me) I just stared at the ceiling and let my grin get wider and wider.

Winter Wishes sold enough copies in pre-order and during release week to land on the USA Today List … at #60!

Not just snuck on at the end but landed at #60.


If I hadn’t already been lying down in bed, I might have swooned.┬áThat’s far higher than I ever dreamed we could reach and honestly I’m still pinching myself. It doesn’t feel real yet but maybe its because I’m also feeling a little lost now I don’t need to check numbers daily. Call it ‘Post Book Launch’ fatigue. LOL Happens with every book launch but this one is so special.

But I just want to say a big thank you to anyone who purchased a copy and helped us reach our goal of hitting the USAT Bestsellers list with Winter Wishes. This is a fantastic collection of stories and I’m so pleased for my fellow authors that our dreams came true.

Dear reader, I really hope you’re reading Winter Wishes right now and that our 13 story anthology brightens your days a whole lot.

Thank you and much love


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  1. Excellent compilation of stories. I am nearly finished, it is that good. Thanks for creating and executing this project. Have a great Christmas season!

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