The Wedding Affair sneak peek 1 #WeWriWa

I will be betrothed today.

The familiar refrain brought Lady Sally Ford intense satisfaction as she hurried toward Newberry Park’s white drawing room were her future waited to be taken up.

The two footmen flanking the drawing room doors opened them smartly, allowing Sally to make a grand entrance to meet with the earl whom she intended to give her hand in marriage. She noted the occupants arrayed in the afternoon’s final sunrays—her mother and her future mother-in-law.

But no potential groom.

Regardless of the lack of future husband, Sally dropped into a perfect curtsy because she could not afford to make a bad impression. She had spent many additional minutes before her looking glass, making sure her dark hair was perfectly arranged and her lips slightly pinked thanks to a brush of tinted beeswax. She wanted to have kissable lips when she agreed to become a bride.

That was the first peek into my upcoming release, The Wedding Affair. There will be more…

The Wedding Affair is available to pre-order with the book release May 24th, 2016.

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Book Description

The life she wants is the love he lost.

Coming face-to-face before her wedding with the scoundrel who broke her heart and destroyed her trust could not be more awkward or ill timed for Sally Ford. When she agreed to give her hand and fortune to London’s most eligible earl, she did so believing she would learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was engaged to Captain Felix Hastings six years ago, or that she gave her innocence to the ambitious officer.

When Felix answered the summons from his superior he never expected to face Sally Ford, the woman who’d believed a lie and labeled him a fortune hunter before calling off their engagement six years ago. In his determination to clear the air about the past, pride clashes with the truth as every argument and stolen moment reignites a passion that has never waned. Giving in could destroy everything they’ve both worked so hard to achieve, or will fate offer them a chance to begin again if only they can forgive?



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Karen Michelle Nutt
Karen Michelle Nutt
6 years ago

Well she’s definitely ready to start her life. I wonder who the groom is and if he is as willing. Enjoyed the snippet. Congrats on the upcoming release.

Teresa Cypher
6 years ago

Uh oh! Wonder where the groom to be is?? I like the premise for this story. 🙂

6 years ago

I agree with Christina, this is one heroine who’s not ruffled by much apparently. It’ll be interesting to see how that’s tested. Welcome to the hop!


6 years ago

The lack of a groom would worry me. I read your blurb, and the book sounds really good.

Alexis Duran
6 years ago

Fun snippet. You’ve definitely got me wondering if the future husband will show at all.

Monica Enderle Pierce
6 years ago

She’s too cocky and adorable, and that can only mean that bad new’s coming. I hope she’s got fortitude!

6 years ago

Ah, I am thinking she won’t be quite as satisfied as she first thought, when all is said and done. The Earl’s rude absence doesn’t declare him a milksop, that’s for sure! Great snippet!

Ed Hoornaert
6 years ago

I have the feeling this betrothal isn’t going to proceed as smoothly as she would wish.

Donna Cummings
6 years ago

She sounds like a delightful heroine! I love her wanting to have kissable lips when she agreed to become a bride. 🙂

Christina Ochs
6 years ago

Hope the Earl shows up, now that she’s made herself all pretty for him. I do admire her composure. Welcome to the hop!

Madeline McCandless
6 years ago

I love how this is starting out! Very visual and engaging! Welcome back to WeWriWa!

T. M. Hunter
6 years ago

Need to look your best on the day of your betrothal, for certain. Interesting snippet.

Peter Vialls
6 years ago

I love the line about “regardless of the lack of future husband” – Sally’s got a nice turn of thought.