The Wedding Affair sneak peek 2 #WeWriWa

“Not long now,” Felix Hastings, captain of His Majesty’s frigate the Selfridge, said to his companion as the end of their journey came in sight. Newberry Park, nestled on the windswept Essex coastline, had undoubtedly been designed to intimidate lesser mortals. Home of the Duke of Rutherford and his large family, the estate possessed a tree-lined drive that meandered through lush grounds and led to a large stone mansion perched high on a distant hill.

He had never expected to see this place, let alone be invited.

Manicured gardens bordered the grand home, but his eye was drawn to the sweeping views of the wild sea, which was lit by the dazzling afternoon sun. It was as pretty as had been described to him once.

“Thought we would never get here,” Gabriel Jennings, former captain of HMS Persephone, grumbled sleepily from his spot across the carriage.

Felix spared a brief glance at the shabbily dressed man and had to wonder if he was finally sober enough to make sense.

That was the second snippet from my upcoming release, The Wedding Affair. Come back next week for Sally and Felix’s first meeting. 

The Wedding Affair is available to pre-order with the book release May 24th, 2016.

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Book Description

The life she wants is the love he lost.

Coming face-to-face before her wedding with the scoundrel who broke her heart and destroyed her trust could not be more awkward or ill timed for Sally Ford. When she agreed to give her hand and fortune to London’s most eligible earl, she did so believing she would learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was engaged to Captain Felix Hastings six years ago, or that she gave her innocence to the ambitious officer.

When Felix answered the summons from his superior he never expected to face Sally Ford, the woman who’d believed a lie and labeled him a fortune hunter before calling off their engagement six years ago. In his determination to clear the air about the past, pride clashes with the truth as every argument and stolen moment reignites a passion that has never waned. Giving in could destroy everything they’ve both worked so hard to achieve, or will fate offer them a chance to begin again if only they can forgive?

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19 thoughts on “The Wedding Affair sneak peek 2 #WeWriWa”

  1. Yes–I am anxious for them to meet. I like the line about intimidating lesser mortals. And the intrigue –that it had been described once to him. Wonder who described it? Nice little hook. 🙂 Good snippet, Heather!

  2. I’m with everyone else. Can’t wait for the two to meet. Enjoyed the snippet.

  3. I really enjoyed this snippet, Heather. It definitely raises a lot of questions.. and I agree that the last line is a tremendous hook. Nicely done!

  4. Happy Book Release Day!!!
    Fabulous snippet. Book sales should sky rocket.

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