TGIF – Making changes

TGIF!! Sometimes, things take longer than expected. A few weeks ago I decided to streamline my writing life and weed out the time wasters. Of course I made a list, decided what was important and diligently got to work. Ok,  maybe not so diligently. Lots happened in the past two weeks that have had nothing to do with writing. LOL

But I have made some progress:

  • recording sales numbers by book and by third party sites DONE That one was relatively straightforward and I’ve set a follow-up date for each month 🙂
  • accounting – invoices & income for tax return DELEGATED MYOB may be overkill for my accounting needs right now but hubby is a whiz and is on the job
  • recording my writing progress If I hadn’t been keeping track I wouldn’t know I’d written 14K in the last two very busy weeks. YAY ME
  • storing research materials NOT DONE
  • printed copies of my stories STILL TO DO
  • reminder systems – STILL SETTING UP

So, not perfect but not bad overall.

In considering my reminder systems, I also got thinking about streamlining my web presence and the time involved. For a long time I’ve had both a blog and a website, with the website created through Web Page Maker (its a WYSIWYG program). Originally, I started with just a wordpress blog.

While I’ve loved Web Page Maker for creating my website, I’ve not been able to do some of the things there that I want to. Long story short, wordpress has never let me down and it’s better for interracting with visitors. So, on top of the above list, I’m also moving my website pages back to wordpress and plan to expand. Not a small job. But like my life, it’s a work in progress.

If you’re a wordpress blogger, what’s the one feature (widget or other) on your site that rocks?

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