Six Sentence Sunday #21: In the Widow’s Bed

Ah, Mother’s Day. A day to be spoiled and to spoil those who raised you. I’m currently faffing in bed, watching Season 3 of Castle after a yummy breakfast prepared by my family. Later, I’ll go visit my mum. For those mother’s dropping by, I hope you have a perfect day. Here’s my six for your reading pleasure.

Happy Mother’s Day.

* * *

Luckily, Selwood had no idea how she struggled to keep her composure around him. It simply could not be decent for a woman her age to stir with lust for a man so many years younger.

“Secrecy makes your desire a little harder to accommodate. But not impossible.” Selwood glanced about them. “There is one particular gentleman who should be agreeable and willing to meet with you. I assume you’d like something arranged for this evening?”

Yeah, you can bet that isn’t all he’s planning. LOL

24 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #21: In the Widow’s Bed”

  1. meh – decency is over rated.
    Castle you say? lol did you know books are out written by a ghost writer under the name of richard castle Nicky Heat books – ABC has a brilliant gimmick here – I bought the first one yesterday Castle generates his own special heat and no it’s not decent at all!

    • I do love watching Castle episodes but I’ve not read any of the novels. I really just enjoy watching Nathan Fillion chasing Kate. So much wonderful flirting. :o)

  2. Secrecy & Lust?! Holy crapballs! Awesome six! I like how she has a conscience too. Internal struggle is great. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  3. Bah. Since when has decency done anyone any good? 😉 Enjoy your day today and take advantage of the opportunity to relax.

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