Six Sentence Sunday #20: In the Widow’s Bed

Hello again. I’m back with a new story for Six Sentence Sunday this month. This excerpt is from my first indie release, In the Widow’s Bed. My first (and so far only) cougar romance set in he regency period. In this short excerpt, widowed Lady Warminster has just confessed she’s looking for a lover. Jonathan is her step-sons friend and he’s smitten with her. Enjoy.

* * *

At Lady Warminster’s shocked gasp, Jonathan drew her out onto the terrace where darkness hid her embarrassment from any witnesses. “Or would you prefer the comfort of darkness for your daring escapade?”

He drew closer, slid the tips of his fingers along her arm, over the thin strip of skin exposed to the night between her glove and gown to gauge her reaction. Lady Warminster shuddered, her hitched breath loud in the dark night. Unfortunately, his body reacted, too. Her velvet skin stirred a hunger in him that he strove to control.

* * *

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  1. I just love your descriptions. He’s such a tease with her. Provocative yet has sweet innocence.

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