The camping trip that never was

Even the best laid plans lead to disappointment. Not everything you wish for can come true. Last weekend, after promising (to self only) to regain my life away from writing, we should have gone camping in our fabbo camper trailer: just a short jaunt to the lake side to confirm that everything is still where it is supposed to be in our rolly home-away-from-home and items hadn’t migrated to other parts of the house.

The weather was starting to cloud over a bit that morning. Still, was hoping for clear skies if possible. On a whim, we cracked open the camper and found ….

… ants had moved in while we weren’t using it. (Picture woman running around in horror)

Not nice, and they were almost everywhere they shouldn’t be. Surprisingly, they were not in my Drifta kitchen cupboards, but between overlapping canvas and under the mattress. Camping didn’t look nearly as appealing anymore. After nearly gassing ourselves with bug killer, we scrapped plans for an overnight camp and simply aired the interior. LOL

Ah well, at least we settled on the place for our next holiday: Hallidays Point here we come (eventually). But this week, instead of basking in the afterglow of post camping contentment, I’ve got a new story to write. I’d better get rolling with Forsaking the Prize. My hero is a mite impatient with me. He has plenty of plans to torment my heroine. Have a good week!


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