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A message from my hero…

Dear Reader,

Look closely. Remember to smile and be polite as I tell you my tale because you don’t want to disappoint me. People who get in my way usually end up dead. Believe me, if there was any other way to set the record straight you’d never know I moved among you. My true face is unfamiliar to all and I always wanted it to stay that way until now.

I have been forced out of the shadows against my better judgment to save the man who never wanted me. Rescuing Lord Bracknell from certain death complicates my life, exposes me, and reveals I’m still breathing to those who shouldn’t know. I could disappear again I suppose, but there’s danger in London and I cannot abandon those I hold dear.

I was once legitimate and the consummate spy for my adopted country. I was very good. I was very wicked too. No one expected a lady in silk and stockings to hide a deadly secret beneath her skirts, luring potential lovers into the shadows to deliver death on command.

Then they ordered my death.

I find that sort of thing very rude. Killing is so permanent and I’ve had my fill of that life too. I’m happy my services are no longer required, but I’m not free of the past that tugs at my black little heart.

Innocence must be protected. I’m going to have to get involved, and Lord Bracknell must trust me if we have any chance of surviving this together.

Your servant,


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June Update

June Update!

Wow. This year is rocketing along. So much is going on and so much is left to do.

First news, back for an encore – Captivated by his Kiss Boxed set has returned to virtual shelves in print and digital format this month.

Captivated by His Kiss 3-D cover imageThe boxed set features regency romances from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cheryl Bolen and USA Today Bestselling Author Bronwen Evans along with stories by Barbara Monajem, Collette Cameron, Wendy Vella, me, and Lauren Smith. That’s SEVEN emotional stories of second chances, scandalous wagers, and the quest for true love. If you missed it when it first published, here’s your second chance.

Available in Digital and Print

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble


The second bit of exciting news: Once a Husband has just returned from my editor! Given what I’ve seen of her feedback, and its looking pretty good, I’ve reason to be excited to share this story soon and discover what Hunt Club fans think of this final story in the series. I’ll be working on the edit and putting together the book files over the next two months and then reaching out to early readers/reviewers.

The last bit of news: A Very Wicked Christmas is a RONE Award Finalist (run by InD’Tale). Winners will be announced and presented at the RONE awards ceremony and gala on October 14th, 2017 at the Burbank Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in the US in conjunction with the InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival. I’m not able to attend personally, but I’ll be watching social media during the event with my fingers crossed. 🙂






Yay, it’s May!

Yay, it’s May!

Dear Friends,

April has been a huge month—satisfying and exhausting too. During the past few months (maybe 6 when I think about it) I’ve been working on a total revamp of the Distinguished Rogues Series.

As you can imagine revising seven novels, one three book collection already published was a major event around here. The book covers were all completely redesigned (see below) and I sent the first three novels to Kelli Collins for another full edit.

I’m pleased to say everything came together late last week and I’m in the midst of updating all digital and print versions of the series. (You might notice my covers on Amazon don’t yet match the ones in the ‘Look Inside’ feature. Gotta give the beast time to update all the pages)

Without further ado…the new Distinguished Rogues series!

May cover update

* Please note the digital edition of Chills is/should be FREE worldwide.

** REVIEWS are always appreciated. Write a great one to be featured on the website book page.

*** Website book pages may not reflect the new covers until the end of today. I’m doing it now! LOL

A new collection: Distinguished Rogues Book 4-6

In the process of doing these updates I also pulled books four to six into one digital edition for those who like a bargain. This new set is available from May 16 worldwide. Pre-order available soon.

*  Buying this set of the saves you over 30% on the cost of the individual copies.

Also this month: Happy Mother’s Day Kindle Fire Giveaway

I am again participating in a giveaway for Mother’s Day valued at over $250! 

The price of a Kindle Fire has come way down in the past few years but this giveaway is still valued at $250. That’s plenty of cash to buy a Kindle Fire AND load it full of book. The winner will have their choice of a $250 Gift Card or $250 in Paypal Cash!

Thanks to this awesome group of authors, bloggers and publishers for making this giveaway possible.

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Giveaway Details

$250 in Paypal Cash or a $250 eGift Card

Ends 5/13/17

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April Update: Hunt Club, Distinguished Rogues and more

April Update: Hunt Club, Distinguished Rogues and more

Happy April regency romance fans,

I’m so glad to see the back of March and hopefully an end to this crazy hot Summer. Heat and humidity are not really my friend. However, thanks to getting an Air Conditioning unit for my office, I’ve managed to write a fair few words since New Year’s Day. I’m really pleased to promise I’ve got a number of new stories in the pipeline for release in the latter part of the year, including a super secret one. More on that one later.

New Hunt Club

First book announcement is awesome. I just finished writing the Hunt Club’s sixth story last week! I’m both elated and sad about finishing up that series, but I do know from the number of fan emails that so many are waiting for this one last important story. No spoilers today, but I have booked the edit for Once a Husband for June. Depending on the feedback I get from my fearless editor, I expect to announce the release date here in July. Keep an eye on the coming soon page as well.

Distinguished Rogues Milestone

Coming up in May is the 6th Anniversary of publishing Chills, book 1 of the popular Distinguished Rogues series. To mark the special occasion I’m sprucing up the whole series — new covers and formatting for every book (including print) and an update on the first three early stories to bring them up to date with my current writing style. I’ll be showing off the new look books May 1st and updating all the booksellers during the following week(s). If you’ve read some of the books in Kindle format and do not have automatic updates turned on you might want to do that this month so you get them as soon as they become available.

Book Bargain

The price of Miss Watson’s First Scandal has dropped to 99c for April and beyond. You can read more about Miss Watson and her friends  (Miss George’s Second Chance, Miss Radley’s Third Dare & Miss Merton’s Last Hope) on the website.

April Update


Don’t forget too, new release announcement happen here on the blog and via the newsletter. Be sure to sign up and stay informed.

Until next time.

Cheers and happy reading!



Sweet is definitely better #MFRWAuthors

Sweet is definitely better.

Welcome back for another week of the  MFRW 52 week Blogging Challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: Words that Make me Go ICK

My blog post this week is short and to the point. The words that always make me cringe is…

Brussel Sprouts

I loathe the combination of words, and especially the taste. Just typing them makes me feel as queasy as having to eat them as a child once did.

So to recover from the ickiness…here’s my idea of good food.

Voila… Baked Cheesecake

Photo: © Lester120

Do you agree with me that a sweet treat like cheesecake beats Brussel Sprouts?

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Tonight you’re mine

Welcome back for week seven of the  MFRW 52 week Blogging Challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: How I Choose a Book Title

Choosing book titles is a special kind of torture for me. It’s something I’ve never enjoyed…until inspiration finally strikes and I have it done and decided. My usual methods have been honed to a fine art. I have five steps that I religiously follow each and every time.

So how does an author with over thirty stories published come up with book titles?

1. Scrawl words on paper.

Then scratch off names, make paper balls and lob them across the room at the bin.

(I should confess I have terrible aim and that my cat Morpheus does not chase those papers across the room.)

2. Brainstorm on a whiteboard.

Writing potential titles on the whiteboard gives me something to stare at, stroll past a dozen times.

(wonderful help for the daily step count)

3. Consider what’s currently popular and in use in my genre.

Searching Amazon, iBooks and Barnes and Noble is a good way of finding words I haven’t used yet in a title and what’s overwhelmingly seen too often.

(and its a great way of finding shiny new books to read next)

4. Check the titles I’ve already published.

Does my potential title fit with the series? If no, that’s more paper on the floor for the cat to ignore.

5. When all else fails?

Scrub everything, go do something else. The right title more often than not pops into my head hours after I give up trying to pin a title down.

That’s exactly what happened last week. I had a sudden inspiration for book 8 of the Distinguished Rogues Series right before bed and I just love it! Wish I could share, but that’s for a future post. Sorry.

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Words collide

Words collide.

Welcome back for week seven of the  MFRW 52 week Blogging Challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: Music to Write By

A good soundtrack makes a movie. It puts me in the mood, stirs my emotions and suckers me into the journey with the characters.

That works for me in writing my historical romances too, but its never just Bach or Mozart blasting out of my speakers as I send my hero and heroine spinning around a ballroom floor. My taste in music is actually pretty varied.

I often make soundtracks for my novels, some you’ll find listed on the book page on my website. I’ve accumulated an eclectic CD collection, plus my iTunes library is growing every month thanks to my radio, tv and movie addictions. You can pick up some great tracks that way.

What did I pick up lately to write by? I’ve put together a short Youtube Playlist for your viewing and listening pleasure. Enjoy!

I’m always on the look out for new tracks. If you’re a music addict like me, hit me with your TOP 3 Greatest Hits in the comments so I can check them out for my collection.

Cheers everyone! Have a good weekend! 🙂

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Hobby habits and hangups #MFRWAuthors

Hobby habits and hangups.

I’m back for another MFRW 52 week blogging challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: My Hobbies

Everyone has tried at least a handful of hobbies right and I’ve been suckered into a great many crazes over the years. The Cambridge Dictionary says that a hobby is an activity that someone does for pleasure when they are not working. Since I started writing romance novels, those moments when I’m not working are few and far between. Writing started out as a hobby and quickly became an obsession that’s lasted nine years so far. Not that I’m complaining. There are worse ways to spend your spare time isn’t there?

When I think back to my prewriting days I must admit what I did in my spare time gets a little hazy. Luckily, Wikipedia was lovely enough to provide a list of hobbies I might have tried once upon a time.


Perilous Hobbies… and the reasons I wouldn’t attempt them

Skydiving – Is it really a hobby if there’s a chance you could die on your first attempt?

Rock Climbing – see above and I’m terrified of heights (which should have been mentioned above too. Three rungs up a ladder is my risk limit thank you very much.)

Juggling/Baton twirling – most likely I’d end up in the hospital.

Hobbies begun but never kept up 

Crotchet, scrapbooking, sketching, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, puzzles (my sister rocks this hobby), embroidery, Astronomy, glass art, decoupage, latch hook rug making, gardening.

Now the haze is lifting I’m a little worried about what I’ve been doing with my time.

Hobbies I’ve never tried

Lock picking – please remember wikipedia says this is a hobby not a felony. It would only be for research purposes of course.

Book restoration – I do love old books. They are worth preserving.

Archery – more or less for future romance novels authenticity.

Hobbies I’ve attempted – more or less successful

Sewing, Reading, Candle making, embroidery.

Birdwatching – I watch the wild Pelicans soar in the air currents during Friday afternoon happy hour and look at this…it just happens to be Friday again.

*raises glass*

Cheers everyone! Have a good weekend! 🙂

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Tall, dark, and oh my! #MFRWAuthors

Tall, dark and oh my!

I’m back for another MFRW 52 week blogging challenge! Each week I will be writing a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: Meet my Best Friend

It goes without saying that my best friend in the entire universe has to be my husband of 25 years. John and I were friends since primary school and there is no one I trust more than him to drive me …

*glances around*

Whew, now hubby John’s not looking over my shoulder let me tell you about my new best friend Steve.

Steve and I met online. I wasn’t looking for a new love, but Steve and I found each other through the hundreds of online profiles you can find posted on the internet. For me, it was fate. I’d grown tired of being stranded, let down by failures, and I’m sure he’d felt that way too since he was on his own again. He was looking for someone to appreciate him. Someone who’d treat him better.

Everyone deserves a second chance so we met somewhere private and hit it off immediately. I dropped absolutely everything to be with him which is why I didn’t post last week for the challenge. (Sorry about that)

Steve is gorgeous—dark, neat little body that I adore. I had a lot of trouble guessing his age at first. You could say it was love at first sight and I’m happy to announce that he moved in with me this week. I couldn’t possibly be happier! (unless I had cheesecake in the house which sadly I don’t right now)

Of course, I had to think of the future and what other people think about the risk I was taking. What I want is important, but I had to make sure my kids and my dad would be comfortable to spend time with Steve as well. Hubby would quickly learn to adapt to the new reality of sharing my affections if given enough time.

Before you get carried away condemning me for adultery — Steve is my new motor car.

He’s a black Suzuki Swift, small enough for me to zip around in and roomy enough for my tall family and elderly dad to climb into.

It is so great to have my independence back, I’ve been without my own car for a while, but I promise I will drag my hubby along and share pics of our future (threesome) adventures one day soon!

Till next time…

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Year Without Rickman #MFRWAuthor

Year without Rickman

I’m back for the MFRW 52 week blogging challenge! Each week I will write a post from a set list of topics that with luck will a) get me blogging more often and b) help you get to know me better.

This week’s theme is: Shows I binge

What a difference a year makes. People leave a mark. Characters touch you and sometimes never leave. That’s what actor Alan Rickman did for me. He was a great actor and as we’ve just passed the first anniversary of his death I’m finding comfort in what he’s left behind.

I’ve just started another run through his body of work to mark this first anniversary of his death. I first fell for him in Truly, Madly, Deeply. Laughed at him as the Sherrif of Nottingham eating hearts out with a spoon, and loved him always as Professor Severus Snape. Of course, there are so many other roles to love. The legacy he’s left behind his impressive and yet I still wish for more like this:

I feel that way about TV shows too. I have about ten that I binge watch one after another. Here are my favorite three:

–NCIS – I loved that show but once Ziva was written out I just couldn’t continue watching new episodes. I only rewatch from Season 3 to her exit.

–I’m also strangely fascinated by The Fall. It’s a gritty series about a serial killer. The villain is not a nice man and yet I cannot look away. His adversary Stella Gibson, a police detective, is an odd one, extremely good at her job but also a bit of a siren to men. Gillian Anderson is amazing to watch as Stella. Jamie Dornan is utterly creepy in a good looking sort of way.

–Sherlock. I’ve probably banged on about my love of the BBC series many times before. Season 3 has just aired and while I didn’t realize it at the time I was apparently so caught up in it I was shouting at the TV. Sadly it’s supposed to be the last season for years aired, if they ever do another.

Thank heavens for DVD’s or Netflix and Stan for endless reruns.

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