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Hey, welcome back for a new round of WeWriWa (Weekend Writing Warriors) a weekly hop for writers who blog their work! Thanks everyone for dropping by last time and commenting. Much appreciated.

Last week I posted an excerpt from Wicked with Him and a few were worried about Amity’s ruin and disliking Roman for it so I’m continuing today with an excerpt to show a little more of how he’s feeling now…

Women only ever wanted him for a quick tumble anyway.

Amity had wanted that, too…now to his regret. And now, he had to behave as he always did. He had to be certain he was never a suspect and end up married or shot or cut to ribbons at dawn. There was still so much more he had to do to make George Sweet pay dearly for his misdeeds. “Surely she wants marriage.”

“If she does, she isn’t saying so. George probably won’t trick anyone into taking her on now, anyway. She’s revealed a stubborn streak most men would find unattractive. He’s made his displeasure with her behavior well known. Issuing all sort of threats in the hope of loosening her tongue. Fairbridge had to intervene.”


And a little more…

That had an ominous ring to it. He turned to Stratford immediately. “What do you mean by that?”

Stratford scowled darkly. “Caught George’s filthy paw before he could strike Amity’s upturned face. It was almost if she was daring him to beat her. This scandal will end talks of Amity marrying, and after that violent display, my dear cousin might find himself on the outs with society ladies for a while. He’s always hidden his brutish nature well…until tonight.”

Roman straightened, fury building inside him unlike anything he’d ever experienced. He’d known George Sweet was a bully for years, especially toward his fellow man, but not when it came to women. And women in his family could never escape such violence when it happened behind closed doors without help. “He tried to strike Amity?”

“The man is beyond the pale. No wonder she’s willing to risk being cast out, or perhaps that was what she hoped for.”

He craned his neck, hoping to catch sight of Amity. “What will be done with her?”

About the Book

Scandals rarely take place in the center of the ballroom, but on the fringes anything is possible.

Wicked with Him WeWriWa Cause and EffectFrom the moment George Sweet stole his intended, Roman Crawford has pursued every possible manner of revenge against the nasty scrub. Though he does have his limits. Debauching Sweet’s sister, a veritable paragon of vestal goodness, is beyond the pale—yet that is exactly what the lady herself requests.

If public humiliation is the only way Amity can escape an arranged marriage to one of her vicious brother’s cronies, then it will be on her terms. She enlists the aid of her brother’s greatest enemy, who she’s certain will be happy to see her brother brought low by her corruption. But Amity is no fool. Roman’s heart will always belong to another.


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11 thoughts on “WeWriWa Aftermath”

  1. Get ‘im, Roman. Give him a taste of his own medicine! I bet if he really thinks about it, Roman will realize that just sleeping with George’s sister really isn’t enough. The best revenge would be to marry her. Great snippet!

  2. Well, one good character trait for Roman comes out here–he doesn’t tolerate violence against women. My question now is will he come to Amity’s rescue, or will she attempt to rescue herself from her brother’s brutishness another way? I’m enjoying this story immensely.

  3. Well all right, now I feel a bit more charitably towards Nathan. It’s always hard working with mere snippets to give the full complexity of a character and the situation. It’s very intriguing, however, can’t wait to read more.

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