Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas!!

It’s Christmas Day in Australia! Yay! Time to make some new memories to carry me through the coming years. I’ll be sharing lunch with my family, visiting my mum later in the day, and most of all…not doing any work. (Wish me luck cause that isn’t easy for me.) It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? But satisfying. We’re still here.*grins* And not going anywhere…not while I’ve got so many ideas for new stories anyway.

During this year, I published a new series – The Scandalous Brides and introduced you to Amity, Stratford and Jasper Sweet…and their true loves. You also met Nash and Algernon Sweet and their stories are coming in 2024. Release dates yet to be decided.

Anyway, enough about books etc. I want to wish you, my readers and author friends, a Happy Christmas and a wonderful holiday to come…full of yummy treats and many joyous moments to remember in the years to come!

All the best!


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