Happy 2024

Happy 2024

Welcome to the New Year and Happy 2024! I am ridiculously optimistic about 2024. Should be a wonderful year full of new adventures, happy milestones and lots of conversation. I’ve really kept to myself a bit too much during the pandemic.

There’s lots in store for my readers this year and I want to remind you of the books I’ve written and announced to release this year. The first is No Ordinary Lady, followed by Miss Kimble Bites Back.

March – No Ordinary Lady

Lord Scarsdale is finally ready to do his duty and make a match of boring respectability. Returning home to woo a neighbor’s daughter should pose no great difficulty for a man of his worldly experience. It’s a match long expected by her family and of course his mother will be delighted. But on the way home, Scarsdale encounters a fiery beauty whose passionate advances cannot be turned aside. Indulging in one last fling wasn’t his intention, but his motto has always been never say never. Besides, how much trouble could one more lover possibly cause him?

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My second announced release is Miss Kimble Bites Back. This story is a Distinguished Rogues romance but also part of a year long publishing project – The Wallflowers Revenge.

September – Miss Kimble Bites Back

Gabby Kimble knew just who she wanted at the start of her first season. So why is she spending so much time defending an allegedly wicked duke instead? The closer she gets to Sebastien Spence, the more she finds a complex man…who’s not at all what society would have her believe.

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Work In Progress

I’m taking a short break at the moment, but when I’m back at my desk I’ll be continuing work on the next Scandalous Brides series romance novel.

Again, Happy 2024

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