New Release Pleasures of the Night!


So excited that it’s finally time to share my new release Pleasures of the Night… another Distinguished Rogue has met his match.

ebook and paperback of Pleasures in the NightThaddeus Berringer has reconciled himself to a future of great riches, but also unceasing responsibility as the Duke of Exeter’s only heir. He’s in no hurry to be leg-shackled, despite his cousin’s urging. But he’s keenly interested in bed sport with a certain spinster who’s proven more wanton than wallflower. Eugenia Hillcrest’s passions and expectations for a brief fling match his own completely, delighting him in every way. But just as he’s considering the advantages of a lasting connection with her, he’s stunned to learn his perfect lover was never his to kiss in the first place.

Eugenia has for years lived as a spinster, and is certain she’ll remain one. So it was with little hesitation that she begins a thrilling affair with the Duke of Exeter’s handsome heir, Mr. Berringer. She revels in every stolen kiss and caress, but expects to lose him to a wife one day. Never in a million years did she imagine she’d lose him to a husband. Her deadhusband back from the grave. Confused and unconvinced, Eugenia is willing to do anything to keep control of her life—even if it means leaving her life and the man she loves more than she’d dreamed possible.

*** Pleasures of the Night is a full-length steamy regency historical romance. It’s the sixteenth book in the Distinguished Rogues series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

What reviewers are saying…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “This book was a delight it was all twisty and unexpected…I highly recommend this book!” ~ Crystal, Amazon reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “The twist in the plot definitely had me turning the pages.” ~ Jabeen S, Goodreads reviewer

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – “…just the right amount of historical feel without throwing an anchor around the plot.” ~ Bin Blogs Books

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Equal parts sweet and wicked…too intriguing to put down.” ~ Betty Loo’s Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Perfect for fans of the Bridgerton series! It has all the drama of society, the Ton, and much more scandalous!” ~ Alys C, Negalley reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “This book has a little bit of everything (mystery, sex, romance….) and it perfectly delivers it all.” ~ Candice B, Netgalley reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “Looking for smexy times, check out this book.” ~ Angela D, Amazon reviewer.

★ ★ ★ ★ – “If you loved Bridgerton – this is right up your street!” ~ Maria M, Netgalley reviewer

Thank you so much to my ARC team too for reading and reviewing this novel so quickly. You’re the best!

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Happy reading and I hope you enjoy,


New Release: His Perfect Bride


ebook cover for His Perfect Bride

After the loss of her husband—and her left foot—Ophelia Shaw threw herself into running his distinguished cousin’s country estate, to great success. But managing the Duke of Montrose himself was never a task she’d anticipated…until he returns from London without a bride, determined never to search for another. Well aware of the gruff duke’s appeal, Ophelia is equally determined to change his mind and school him in the art of courtship—only to be swept off her one remaining foot!

Harry has returned home to the Widow Shaw in a very bad mood indeed, though not because he was jilted. In truth, the one woman he wants is not the lady who received his proposal. Now, Ophelia is resolute he should try again, insisting love doesn’t always happen at first sight. If she only knew… To placate her, Harry agrees, keen to have his “lessons” over and done with. They’ll either prove Ophelia wrong—or deliver his perfect bride right into his waiting arms.

* * *

A steamy Distinguished Rogues novella.

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promotional image for his perfect bride

Read an excerpt…

At the door to the open carriage, she faced the interior with weary resignation. This was the tricky part. Climbing up two steps into a carriage was not always simple, but she refused to be lifted in anymore. No matter how well-intentioned that help might seem, Ophelia was tired of always feeling embarrassed afterward.

A pair of grooms rushed to stand at each side of her, ready to catch her should she become unbalanced and start to topple.

She handed one her cane and took hold of the newly added rails at each side of the carriage doorway and hopped up. On the first step, she wobbled. On the second, she grinned, but the harder step was still to come. She had to stretch farther forward without anything substantial to hold onto and hop inside to finally reach the carriage seat.

As she made an attempt, she wobbled—and then someone grasped her firmly around the waist from behind and steadied her.

“I have you.”

Ophelia fairly flew across the carriage then and landed horribly awry across one seat. Her skirts became wrapped around her legs, making it hard to straighten up with any sort of ladylike precision. She was embarrassed, her cheeks flaming.

The hands around her waist, the voice, had belonged to the Duke of Montrose.

The duke was back.

The carriage shook, and then gentle hands lifted her up and deposited her on the seat properly. She looked up at the Duke of Montrose’s stern face in utter surprise as he settled into the opposite seat.

“You are home,” she noted, then blushed even more. She had thought of him every day since he’d left her behind. It was such a relief to see him again that she fought to contain her overwhelming happiness. But contain it she must because the duke would likely not appreciate her making a fuss over him.

“Indeed. I should have known I would find you here again amongst the grasping rabble,” Montrose grumbled.

Montrose was not religious, they had that in common, and he had little time for the vicar, too. He’d never forbidden her from attending services on Sundays, but he never looked happy when she was on her way out the door.

He threw a thunderous scowl at the lingering grooms, who scrambled to return to their positions posthaste. Only with his nod of approval did the carriage begin to roll forward, driving them back toward the Sherringford Estate.

Ophelia wet her lips, suddenly nervous of him. “I wasn’t expecting you for some weeks yet.”

He grunted, scowled darkly, and Ophelia knew better than to ask another question straight away. The duke was a moody man. He could terrify his servants just by dropping a book too loudly.

She glanced out the window and spotted his larger closed traveling carriage following them home. So, he was only just back. Had he brought his bride with him already?

She lifted her hand, prepared to wave to the new duchess, until Montrose spoke.

“Don’t bother. There’s no one in the carriage,” he told her.

Ophelia met his gaze slowly, astonished by the news. Montrose had promised to return with his bride. He had sounded so sure that he would be a married man the next time they saw each other. “What do you mean?”

He scowled again. “She changed her mind.”

“Oh,” Ophelia said slowly—and was ashamed to realize she felt immense relief at the news Montrose was not married, or about to be. And then anger on his behalf. “But why?”

“Isn’t it explanation enough that she released me from the engagement?” he snapped, and then his jaw clenched. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Ophelia bit her tongue. She wouldn’t be getting any more conversation out of Montrose until he was calmer. She’d made a study of his moods and behaviors over the past months. If she pried, he’d throw up his defenses, and he’d tell her nothing at all.

Happy Reading!

Desire by Design is live today!

Book 14 of the Distinguished Rogues series —Desire by Design— is out! Available in print and ebook.

Desire by Design is live todayStart reading today!

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Read an Excerpt:

“That is,” Alexander said, searching for the right word, “extraordinary?” 

Carmichael laughed. “Surprising, isn’t she?” 

“Quite.” Alexander wasn’t angry to have lost to a woman. There were undoubtedly skilled card players of either sex in the world, and he had played against the very best and lost before. However, Alexander had seriously misjudged his opponent. He shifted in his chair and studied the deceptively benign figure more closely. 

Sylvia Hillcrest looked like the dullest wallflower in existence, but when she picked up the deck, her fingers were nimble as she shuffled the cards to and fro, preparing for the next game to start. The best card players tended to have a bit of flare about them, but this woman had none.

And then she met his gaze…and allowed him to see through her little disguise for a brief moment. 

She was amused by his confusion. She had expected to beat him.


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Romancing the Earl is out!

What is one of the worst things that can happen to an indie author in release week? Having no internet! I have none still and it’s been a week since a lightning strike really close by knocked out our modem. A technician came and tried to fix it but without a replacement modem in his truck, we’re still offline. And there’s a delay, it was either 3 or 10 days wait depending on which Telstra puppet we talked to. Still no word on when the modem might be shipped. My mobile data is not strong inside my house so that’s all kinds of frustrating too.

New release: Romancing the Earl

I am so pleased to say the new book, Romancing the Earl, published without a hitch last week. Lord Carmichael and Lenore are so pleased to meet you and hope you enjoy their marriage of convenience romance.

Companion Lenore Griffin is in dire straits when a letter from a dear friend arrives, offering a new position. Relieved at her good fortune, Lenore packs up herself and her beloved dog, Hero, and makes haste for London. Upon arrival, however, not only does she find her old friend in a shocking state of dishabille, but she’s somehow mistaken his offer. He has not written requesting a companion for his new wife. He’s written to request Lenore become his companion…for the rest of their lives.

Price Wagstaff, Earl of Carmichael, must have been deeper in his cups than usual when he wrote that correspondence. He doesn’t remember a blasted word of it. Still, it is a disaster of his own making, and so he will do his duty by Lenore. He quickly decides his old childhood friend will make a sensible wife and an agreeable mother to his heirs. He can give her safety, protection and comfort. A marriage of convenience. Lenore need never know that Price’s heart can never be won.

Despite their intentions to live separate lives, the pair can’t avoid the closeness that intimacy provides, and soon, Price no longer wishes to. Is it possible that he may find love a second time? Perhaps…if his secrets don’t kill their chance at happiness. Again.

Available in Print and Digital

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What’s next:

Now that Romancing the Earl is out in the world for readers to devour,  I’m figuring out the next book(s) I want to write and publish this year. Lord Wharton feels he must be next, but there is also Lord Sullivan and Mr. Thaddeous Berringer to consider too. New stories (titles and release dates) will be announced early next month. Stay tuned…


Cover Reveal: Romancing the Earl

Cover Reveal: Romancing the Earl

It’s time at long last for the cover reveal for Romancing the Earl!
Cover Reveal: Romancing the Earl


On the brink of ruin and disgrace, Miss Lenore Griffin receives a letter offering employment as a companion to an earl’s new wife. Accepting a position in Lord Carmichael’s home in London is simply too good an opportunity to let slip through her fingers as it will remove any chance of being seduced. However, Lenore’s arrival creates confusion as the household staff remains ignorant of the offer, and the earl has not announced any marriage yet.

When Price Wagstaff lost the woman of his dreams, his life fell into an utter shambles. He has spent a restless half-year drinking, avoiding society and not thinking about the future, especially his eventual need for a wife and heir. Lenore Griffin’s arrival is a pleasant but unexpected surprise…until he reads the letter that brought her to his door. There’s only one thing he can do and consider himself a gentleman—make good on his offer to wed her and hope for the best.

Available February 18, 2020

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Cover Reveal: The Trouble with Love

Here it is at last, the cover reveal for The Trouble with Love! I’m utterly in love with this model. The model is perfect for my free-spirited heroine. This is Whitney and Lord Acton’s romance, a fun and sexy regency romp.

About the Book:

Keeping a promise has never been harder!

Whitney Crewe has a dream for her life, and it does not include a properly boring marriage or remaining in England. Passionate by nature, she’s headed for an adventure abroad but has been temporarily lured into the countryside to paint an important family portrait. Unfortunately, a friend is set to marry the family’s nearest neighbor, Lord Acton, and he is someone Whitney has seen far too much of…with and without his breeches on. Their past must remain a mere memory, but ignoring him proves impossible when she understands the decisions he’s made to protect those he loves.

Lord Acton is keeping secrets from his friends, and particularly from his innocent bride-to-be. The first was losing his head over an intoxicating, veiled seductress one gloriously reckless evening. A man of his word, he has no choice but to keep his promise to wed, even after he discovers his seductress was his bride’s friend, eccentric heiress and artist, Whitney Crewe. The second secret, Whitney stumbles upon all on her own, but her anger swiftly becomes an offer of friendship and much-needed compassion. They have absolutely nothing in common, so why oh why would he risk his future getting to know Whitney when she’s opposed to everything he desires?

The Trouble with Love will be releasing on November 7, 2017 and you can pre-order it now!

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And make sure you add Whitney and Acton to your TBR pile on Goodreads. You won’t regret it.









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