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Book 14 of the Distinguished Rogues series —Desire by Design— is out! Available in print and ebook.

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Read an Excerpt:

“That is,” Alexander said, searching for the right word, “extraordinary?” 

Carmichael laughed. “Surprising, isn’t she?” 

“Quite.” Alexander wasn’t angry to have lost to a woman. There were undoubtedly skilled card players of either sex in the world, and he had played against the very best and lost before. However, Alexander had seriously misjudged his opponent. He shifted in his chair and studied the deceptively benign figure more closely. 

Sylvia Hillcrest looked like the dullest wallflower in existence, but when she picked up the deck, her fingers were nimble as she shuffled the cards to and fro, preparing for the next game to start. The best card players tended to have a bit of flare about them, but this woman had none.

And then she met his gaze…and allowed him to see through her little disguise for a brief moment. 

She was amused by his confusion. She had expected to beat him.


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