December News: Where did the year go?

Hey, Regency Romance Fans!

Happy December and can you tell me where the year went? I feel I’m not yet ready for Christmas but what can you do? December 1st is when I always put my Christmas Tree up and decorate the house. It’s time to think seriously about celebrating and spoiling my family. But now to the December news:

The month that was…

November was release month for Yours Until Dawn, Distinguished Rogues Book 19. So happy to have that novel released into the wild (or to ereaders) It’s one of my favorite books that I’ve written. If you love to write reviews, I’d be grateful if you’d post to Goodreads, Bookbub or any of the retailer sites.

December News: Where did the year go?

November was also crunch time for finishing Desperately Seeking Seduction for edit. That’s done and returned with not a lot of changes needed before its fit for publication in April.

The current month…

December has become an emotional time of year for me. I lost my amazing dad December 4 and in previous years that loss has lowered my enthusiasm for the entire month. But I’m determined to find my Christmas cheer this year. I’m hoping a constant stream of Christmas movies and romances will help. Suggestions for books and viewing are always welcome in the comments.

I also need to get cracking on my next work in progress. I only have a few handwritten notes so far. But I have my new hardcover spiral notebook so its just a matter of time before actual typing occurs.

What’s coming in 2023…

More regency romance of course! I have the whole year planned out already.

You can find more about these upcoming books on each books page

I know its too early to say Happy Christmas but I want to wish you and your family and friends a wonderful, satisfying December instead. Stay safe and keep reading.

2 thoughts on “December News: Where did the year go?”

  1. Hi Heather. May I say I love the overall aesthetic and graphics for “Yours Until Dawn”? It’s calm and serene, and just lovely.

    This will be the first Christmas without my Dad. He died in the spring, so basically the whole year has been off-kilter. It does seem to be hitting harder now with the holidays.

    I heartily recommend “The Muppets Christmas Carol.” If you haven’t seen it, you must! If you have seen it, then nevermind. “While You Were Sleeping” is a good sort of Christmasy movie too.

    • Kate, I’m so sorry for you loss. Losing a parent is hard, and nothing is quite the same again.

      You know, I probably saw The Muppets Christmas Carol with my sons when they were young but I’ve got on my watchlist now. 😀 I’d actually forgotten my dad got a good giggle out of those crazy shows. Thanks you for the reminder.

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