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something new... AI audiobooks from Heather BoydWhen I first started writing, I was told 1) You were not a real author if you published our own books and 2) ebooks were not proper books. Print was the only legitimate way to reach readers back then.

It’s been over a decade and its clear self-publishing (or indie-publishing) and ebooks are here to stay.

Something new…

Technology is moving at leaps and bounds, especially in the publishing world. Of late there’s been a new development–auto narration or digital narration. AI has found the publishing world and again I’m hearing similar arguments from a decade ago… 1) that AI narration isn’t a real audiobook and 2) human narration is the only legitimate way to create an audiobook.


The naysayers are still around, afraid of losing their livelihoods, just like the traditional publishers were and still are I suspect. I can understand that. But that doesn’t mean I have to agree with them about AI. It’s amazingly good these days. I think there is room for both human and digitally narrated books in the reading marketplace.

More than a decade ago I ignored the naysayers to publish my own ebooks, and I’m sure I’d have never kept writing if I hadn’t dug my heels in and tried something new. Striking out into new territory is exciting. With AI narration it’s fun, too.

I recently released four more AI narrated audiobooks. Coming Together (a re-release), One Wicked Night (my very first publication and first ever ebook), Wicked Mourning, and A Ramshackle Start. These are my short stories. Steamy regency romance. These four are about an hour long for listening and available via Google Books and Kobo.

Over the next year, I’ll be tackling my entire backlist to turn existing and future ebooks into AI audiobooks as quickly as I can. This could be the future of audio books, making them more affordable and accessible. To me its just another way readers can devour my stories. I hope you’ll keep an open mind about AI and take a listen.



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