Saturday Sneak Peek – Married by Moonlight

Gilbert Bowen, Earl of Sorenson, burst through the swirling fog into the torch-lit rear courtyard of Lady Berry’s home in a violent temper a little before six o’clock in the morning. Mr. Albert Meriwether deserved to be horsewhipped, and so did the Runners for going along with this arrest.
A tall, narrow fellow, probably one of them, too, peeled himself off a wall by the servants’ entrance and moved to block Gilbert’s path.
Gilbert wasted no time on pleasantries. “Where is he?”
The man looked him up and down, taking in his fine clothing and superior size. “Who are you?”
“A man not to be trifled with.”

These are the first lines of my upcoming release, Married by Moonlight. It’s a murder mystery so keep your eyes open for the killer. You can read the first two chapters over on Wattpad.

Wattpad – Married by Moonlight – Chapter One
Wattpad – Married by Moonlight – Chapter Two


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