New Release Spotlight: The Bridal Contract by Sandra Sookoo

I am very pleased to spotlight Sandra Sookoo’s latest regency romance release. The Bridal Contract published September 16 and is the third book in the Darrington Family Series.  Out now in digital and print editions.


TheBridalContract_FinalV1_300pxTHE BRIDAL CONTRACT

When a bridal contract is struck, either parental outrage will void the arrangement or the love of a child will sweeten the deal.

Oliver Darrington—Viscount Tralsburg—wants nothing more than to hide out at the family property in Brighton until he can secure a sea-worthy ship and return to adventuring the world. However, being handed his former mistress’ child isn’t part of that plan. Neither is the sudden longing for his pretty Italian neighbor.

Eloisa Hawthorne is in dire straits. Her older brother has gambled away her sister’s hand to a horrible man. In order to save her sister’s virtue and her future, Eloisa needs a fast fortune—or someone who can immediately cover the debt. When her handsome neighbor offers a temporary engagement contract, she accepts with alacrity. Too bad she fell in love with his dark-haired offspring. How scandalous!

When the two attend his mother’s London dinner party, Oliver wishes the union wasn’t merely a lark. Eloisa fears for the adorable child’s upbringing in heathen locales, but what can she do? The contract is only for a month, and love was never an option. Something must be done to throw over convention before the moment is lost and matters of the heart are sacrificed.

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About Sandra

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Sandra Sookoo is a bestselling author who firmly believes every person deserves acceptance and a happy ending. Most days you can find her creating scandal and mischief in the Regency-era, serendipity and happenstance in Victorian America or snarky humor in the contemporary world. Reading romance is a lot like eating fine chocolates—you can’t just have one. Good thing books don’t have calories!

When she’s not wearing out computer keyboards, Sandra spends time with her real life Prince Charming in central Indiana where she’s been known to goof off and make moments count because the key to life is laughter. A Disney fan since the age of ten, when her soul gets bogged down and her imagination flags, a trip to Walt Disney World is in order. Nothing fuels her dreams more than the land of eternal happy endings, hope and love stories.

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In Her Image – Part 6

In Her Image is a work in progress, a regency mystery I’ve been writing on and off and sharing during Weekend Writing Warrior posts. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to keep up enough reciprocal visits through the hop but I’d like to continue the story to share what happens next in longer posts.

The story so far: Lord Wade is investigating the death of a young woman. Her body is found in Grosvenor square with no identification and no immediate explanation of how she died.

If you’re new to the story, you can read the beginning here and then follow on with the excerpt below.

“What happened here,” a soft feminine voice murmured at his side.

Damon startled at the sound and spun to face a veiled newcomer he’d not noticed approaching. Her height placed her a little below his chin. Bundled in a dark cloak and hood, she was dressed richly for this time of the morning. However, no matter how he tried, he could make out little of her features. The sun rose behind her, obscuring everything else. But that was neither here nor there. His heartbeat sped a little. This woman may have come to claim the body. If she had a connection to the girl Damon would have his answers this day. “What do you think happened?”

Not a sound followed his impatient question. The woman kept her attention on the girl on the ground to the exclusion of all else. After years among the tons finest and often emotional feminine circles in his own family, he was a little surprised by this woman’s calm in the face of such a tragedy.

After a time, the woman turned away. “You’ll need to find her mistress.”

“Do you know her?” He grabbed for the woman’s arm and found it slender and strong beneath the cloak. It was then he noticed the woman was followed by a large servant, a burly fellow who’d easily pound a man into the ground for slighting his charge. When the man bared his teeth, Damon decided prudence was the better path and let the woman go. “Please. Anything you can tell me will help find her killer.”

All at Sea Onboard the Endeavor

After a few hiccups this week, thanks largely to my web host, the kinks are mostly sorted out on my new website. I am still so amazed by how easy and connected everything on my website is now. I may gush for a year.

2014-09-16 14.54.09I recently had the very great pleasure of walking the decks HMS Endeavor. The replica of the vessel that sailed during the late 18th century under captain, First Lieutenant James Cook. Since it was visiting Newcastle for a short stay and I managed to squeeze a research trip into my day.

The Endeavor is fitted with 18 miles of rope, 10,000 sq feet of sail, a 127′ 11″ main mast and sailed with a crew of 94 men, leaving very little maneuvering room in certain parts of the ship–almost had to crawl on hands and knees at one point.

The captain had all the luxury in the Great Cabin. Sash windows at the stern, window seats to take in the view. Big table and fire of his own. The room was really light which surprised me. The captain slept on a sleeping platform while the rest of the crew beds where swinging cots. Officers had 18 inches of room, sailors had 14 inches.

I took a ton of photos (inside and out) and once I get them reduced in size a bit I’m hoping to add them to a new board on Pinterest.

Goodbye Smashwords

As of this week, my titles are no longer available through Smashwords. I’ve been wary of a few of their recent decisions and with much relief I have found an alternative that covers everything thing I need and hopefully my readers do too.

Choose Gumroad

You may notice the Gumroad icon on may of my book pages (and in Booksellers). All Gumroad listings are controlled by me directly. If you miss Smashwords but don’t like buying from Amazon, Kobo, B&N or Apple consider clicking on the gumroad copy icon. The process is very quick, payment can be through Paypal and both epub and kindle editions can be found there.

New Release Spotlight: The Kidnapped Bride by Heather Hiestand

Todays new release spotlight is for a late Victorian era historical romance by author Heather Hiestand. The Kidnapped Bride is Book 4 of The Redcakes series and released September 15. 


The Kidnapped BrideHiestand00x300


Pursuing this elusive heiress will be the ultimate temptation…

Lady Elizabeth Shield is used to saving herself from trouble. And even if dashing private inquiry agent Dougal Alexander just rescued her from white slavers, she’s definitely not returning to her stifling aristocratic life and unsuitable suitors. Not when there are other women in danger—and a secret promise to keep in Edinburgh. But outwitting Dougal’s tactics to return her to London and her family will be easier than staying away from his intoxicating kisses…

He’s a baron’s second son accustomed to making his own way and uncovering the truth. Now Dougal must keep Lady Elizabeth close for her own protection, but her spirited wiles are proving scandalously irresistible. His most difficult case yet will be showing her that he’s everything she truly desires—and that love is the greatest of adventures…

“Before I realized it, the unusually strong and well-developed characters of The Kidnapped Bride had sneaked up on me and captured my full attention. This is one of the best shorter books I have ever read.” –Delle Jacobs, author of Lady Wicked

About Heather:

Heather Hiestand is the author of fifteen novels as well as many novellas and short stories. Her first sale was in the mystery genre and since then she has focused on romance, eventually splitting her identity and becoming Anh Leod for erotic romances. She co-writes historical fantasy novels as well.

She lives in Washington State with her husband and son.

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The Website Revamp is here

Lots of tricky things have been happening behind the scenes around here. Real often gets in the way of writing and next week I’ll have some great pictures to share of a recent research trip — ahoy matey’s!

Website Update

In August I began to reimagine my website with the help of Austinworks Design. Dawn Hickerson has created the most amazing site for me and I’m so proud to show it off for the first time today. It’s as sexy in the backend as it looks for you from the front. I’m in geek heaven right now. The new features and templates are making creating new posts and pages a breeze already. This site is author candyland and very very cool. If you need the best site, built with an authors particular needs in mind, definitely talk to her first.


Thanks to everyone who continues to buy and review Keepsake. Your kind words have made me so keen to return to work on the next book in the Distinguished Rogues Series.

Thanks also to those who are picking up the Sweet Surrender Boxed Set I’m in with Sandra Sookoo, Donna Cummings, Wendy Vella, Tamara Gill and Suzi Love. Be sure to check us out at Apple iBooks as well as other retailers. Its a steal at 99c and for a limited time only. Offer ends New Years Eve then vanishes.

Coming Next

I’m hard at work on revisions for Never a Gentleman and Once a Husband. The events in both stories are tied fairly closely together so I’m working on them in tandem.

In writing Once a Husband, Angelo Marinari’s story, I’m faced with a situation I’m sure many people have dealt with before for one reason or another: Have you ever had to give up something you loved because it was bad for you?

With that, happy Saturday. I hope you like these first changes to my website.