Release Day Excitement for Keepsake

It’s release day and I’ve been pacing the floor, waiting for all the vendors to switch Keepsake from pre-order to live since first light this morning. It took ALL day, but finally I’m sure my new book is available everywhere, worldwide.  I’m a bit of a tired mess now. LOL Many thanks to everyone who took advantage of my first preorder at Amazon. Your interest has helped my book land on the Kindle Regency Bestsellers list today! At the moment, its number #60 on that list or #3670 overall kindle store ranking. #amazing

Now, just in case you’ve been absent from my website for a while and have no idea what I’m talking about, my new book, Keepsake, is the fifth in the Distinguished Rogues Series. I’m really quite proud of how my hero and heroine worked things out. Here’s the blurb:




When the Marquess of Taverham married at eighteen, he was certain his life would be smooth and well ordered—right up till the moment his exuberant bride ran away on their wedding night, never to be seen again. Ten years later, when Kit is finally prepared to set his rash marriage aside by having his wife declared dead, she makes a shocking return, still beautiful but distrustful, and once more throws his life off-balance by refusing to live with him and resume their marriage.
Despite some lingering attraction, Miranda Reed has no love left for the heartless rogue she married. Older and wiser, she refuses to be a convenient wife for a man who expects everything to be his way with no care for her feelings. Keeping her husband at arm’s length is essential; her secrets will bring him to his knees. But in a battle of wills where hope and trust are both the prize and the casualty of war, the victor isn’t always the winner. Sometimes it takes an act of rebellion to recapture a fragile love.

Where can you purchase Keepsake?

AMAZON: Australia  |  United States  |  United Kingdom  |  Canada

APPLE iBooks:  Australia  |  United States  |  United Kingdom  |  Canada

All Romance eBooks  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo

Keepsake is available at the limited time price of 99c so don’t be slow to grab your copy

Release Day events:

I’m being interviewed today by Crystal at Reviews by Crystal. Drop by, leave a comment too, for a chance to win a digital copy.

My book is also being featured at eBookSoda, a new readers site where they’ll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste.


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