All at Sea Onboard the Endeavor

After a few hiccups this week, thanks largely to my web host, the kinks are mostly sorted out on my new website. I am still so amazed by how easy and connected everything on my website is now. I may gush for a year.

All at Sea Onboard the EndeavorI recently had the very great pleasure of walking the decks HMS Endeavor. The replica of the vessel that sailed during the late 18th century under captain, First Lieutenant James Cook. Since it was visiting Newcastle for a short stay and I managed to squeeze a research trip into my day.

The Endeavor is fitted with 18 miles of rope, 10,000 sq feet of sail, a 127′ 11″ main mast and sailed with a crew of 94 men, leaving very little maneuvering room in certain parts of the ship–almost had to crawl on hands and knees at one point.

The captain had all the luxury in the Great Cabin. Sash windows at the stern, window seats to take in the view. Big table and fire of his own. The room was really light which surprised me. The captain slept on a sleeping platform while the rest of the crew beds where swinging cots. Officers had 18 inches of room, sailors had 14 inches.

I took a ton of photos (inside and out) and once I get them reduced in size a bit I’m hoping to add them to a new board on Pinterest.

Goodbye Smashwords

As of this week, my titles are no longer available through Smashwords. I’ve been wary of a few of their recent decisions and with much relief I have found an alternative that covers everything thing I need and hopefully my readers do too.

Choose Gumroad

You may notice the Gumroad icon on may of my book pages (and in Booksellers). All Gumroad listings are controlled by me directly. If you miss Smashwords but don’t like buying from Amazon, Kobo, B&N or Apple consider clicking on the gumroad copy icon. The process is very quick, payment can be through Paypal and both epub and kindle editions can be found there.

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