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Happy Valentines Day!!  I hope your special someone spoiled you rotten. Mine was pretty quiet, treated hubby to breakfast, went to the bank, and have just finished some updates to my website. LOL. I truly have had a romantic day. I’m pleased to be back into writing again.

WR_BoxSet200New Release

At long last the Wild Randalls series is available in one ebook. Catch every moment of the Wild Randalls adventures in this 4 book edition – Engaging the Enemy, Forsaking the Prize, Guarding the Spoils, and Hunting the Hero.


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Upcoming book release

I have great news. An Accidental Affair is now available exclusively at Apple iBooks for preorder at a limited time price of 99cents (or equivalent currency depending on your iBookstore location). Normal price is $4.99 so be sure to nab it at the special price when you see it.

Available for pre-order from Apple iBooks for only 99c for a limited time.

APPLE iBOOKS: AUS  |  US  | UK  |  Canada

The book will become available at other retailers from March 12.

Current WIP

Keepsake, an upcoming regency romance, is keeping me up nights. It’s my first romance with an already married couple and this pair do not get along. At all. I’m about a third of the way through the first draft. This pair, Kit and Miranda, have major chemistry but they dont understand the first thing about each other. I have a feeling I might need a few hugs as this one gets written. They’re bound to exhaust me.

Book reviews and reviewers

Many thanks to those who’ve requested An Accidental Affair to review via NetGalley. Approvals are up-to-date and if you were not accepted it was likely for the following reasons:

  • No working links to a blog, reviewing account at Amazon or other selling sites, or even to Goodreads even when specifically mentioned in your profile.
  • Review blog mentioned is abandoned (not updated recently) – come on we do check these things. Some mentioned blogs were even blank!
  • Cited interests, field of work, age conflict with the content of my book. I write regency romance that tends to be on the dirty side. If there’s a chance the book going to offend your sensibilities it got a decline.

In short when it comes to NetGalley approvals, if your profile is solid (links that work, description that proves you do like hot historical romance) we probably would have approved you. Netgalley is not a site to grab a free book. It’s for legitimate reviewers and that is who we approved. Thank you for taking the time to ask.

Now, since its Friday afternoon I’m going to grab a glass of wine, my ipad and settle back to read a regency romance and watch the yachts sail by on Lake Macquarie. Have a great weekend!

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    • Do you mean ordering An Accidental Affair from Amazon? Don’t worry, the digital and print editions will be live there from release day (March 12). Unfortunately Amazon have never allowed me a digital preorder when I’ve asked before. 🙁 Maybe one day.

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