WeWriWa: Miss George’s Second Chance Pt1

Happy November! Thanks for visiting my humble abode. Hope you’ve had an excellent week. Today I’m featuring the first lines from an upcoming release — Miss Watson’s Second Chance. Surprise. Surprise. It’s a regency romance – novella. Miss Watson will release November 13.


Difficult situations required desperate measures. Imogen George–writer, spinster and pragmatist–steeled her heart to be as brutal as any heroine before her had ever been. “Have you sulked enough Mr. Watson?”

The man sitting on the dark Brighton shoreline surged to his feet and then faced her. “Hell’s bells, what are you doing here?”

Imogen clenched her hands together to hide their trembling. Standing on the dark beach, waves crashing around them, made her meeting with her best friend’s brother potentially romantic though she doubted it would be. “I have a proposition for you, Mr. Watson.”

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