What inspires me?

Ever wonder what a writer hears when they write. Voices usually, but I’m a big fan of listening music when I’m writing too. Music blocks out the neighborhood sounds, the cat demanding to be fed again (we’re thinking of calling him Horse) and the family (probably shouldn’t admit that). Some tracks put me in the mood to begin, some keep me there when my attention wanes.

In truth The Piano Guys music saved me when I was writing my last novel. I found them via social media. They had created an amazing track – Cello Wars – that we all loved. And then I took a peek at what else they’d done.

There is a track, Moonlight, that fitted my Forsaking the Prize couple so perfectly I played it everyday. Take a listen.

I’m currently working on Book Three of the Wild Randalls and The Piano Guys, along with Adele, have inspired me yet again with Rolling in the Deep. I dont mind either version really. Both move me.

Do you work in absolute silence? Or do¬†you have a current track lending its inspiration to your work? or to your life? Feel free to share. I’m always looking for new music to write by.

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