Six Sunday #33 – Forsaking the Prize Part 3

Another six from Forsaking the Prize, my latest Regency Historical Romance, following straight on from last week. Need to recap? Click here to start from the beginning.



Leopold took a step forward and touched the scars on his back. “My God have you even seen this?”

Tobias shrugged. “No. I have not had much opportunity to gaze at myself in mirrors. There’s nothing you can do about it. Put it from your mind.”


I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments each week, and those visiting my blog for the first time. You will find amazing authors participating in Six Sunday by visiting the host site, Six Sentence Sunday and by searching for #sixsunday via Twitter.

10 thoughts on “Six Sunday #33 – Forsaking the Prize Part 3”

  1. I’m intrigued with his scars and how he got them. His lack of concern is an interesting character attribute. Very mysterious! Great six!!

  2. Interesting. Despite his indifference, it sounds like he might have emotional scars to match those on his body. Nice characterization!

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