The Writer’s Fall

The Writer's FallDo you ever have a day when you wish you didn’t have to work? When you wake up so blah that it’s a struggle to even get out of bed? More than likely you do. Not everyone can wake up with a bounce in their step every day of their life.

Since I work from home its not a feeling I want to experience too often. You can’t possibly produce a new story if you don’t show up to write it. But I’ve recently had dental work done and its still not come good as yet. Painkillers have been part of my daily diet for almost a month and I can’t remember the last full night of sleep I’ve had. All in all, these things are not conducive to writing lots.

I’ve learned to listen when my body tells me to slow down. In the past, when I’ve slogged my way through a less than stellar day I’m usually so unimpressed by what I’ve written that I may as well not even have bothered to write at all.

So, after a painfully slow morning yesterday I finally settled down to watch some quality pick me up material. Namely Lie to Me Season 3 and Sherlock Season 2. I figured they’d both get me out of my slump.

I must say, the ending to Lie to Me really disappointed me. Yeah, I know they axed the series, but leaving us with just Lightman confessing he loves Jillian Foster was just not enough closure for my romantic heart. I’d always suspected a deep attachment between them but had hoped to actually see them as a couple one day. Scummy networks. How dare they end a fantastic series like Lie to Me so lamely.

I fell in love with Sherlock as soon as I saw the first episode of season 1. The Woman from Scandal in Belgravia in the first episode of season two is fantastic. A dominatrix with her sights set on Sherlock Holmes. It’s fascinating to watch Sherlock — its the first time he’s been remotely interested in a woman. And as always there is really snappy dialogue like this: “I always hear punch me in the face when you’re speaking,” John Watson says fairly early on.

The last episode in season 2 would have to be my favorite. Molly. God I love the Molly Hooper character. She so obviously has a crush on Sherlock and I hope that the words he spoke to her before his fall off the roof were honest ones: “You’re wrong, you know. You do matter. You’ve always mattered and I’ve always trusted you.”

I swooned the first time I heard that scene. There is a great clip on youtube that shows just how attuned Molly is to Sherlock. (This has been trimmed a bit)


So, what do you do when you have down days? TV fest, exercise, or do you push on regardless?

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