Six Sentence Sunday #16: Forsaking the Prize

Another lovely Sunday has rolled around. Where has the week gone? I’m continuing with snippets from my current WIP, Forsaking the Prize. This is another example of how utterly problematic Tobias Randall is for Blythe’s peace of mind.

* * *

The door swung fully open. “You can’t leave until your name is cleared. Neither can I, for that matter,” Tobias Randall added cheerfully.

Blythe glanced at him and looked away quickly, fighting to keep a blush from her cheeks. Tobias Randall had come to add his tuppence worth to the discussion but was only dressed in a sheet. How typical of his type of man.

* * *

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    • He didnt honestly have much of a choice. His brother had appropriated his clothes but underestimated just how far Tobias would go to join in on the conversation.

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