PanicThere are many things I love about the internet. Instant movie and ebook downloads, gossip and quick chats with my friends via Skype. What I don’t love is when my internet connection dies, as it did last week. I swear the panic I felt was of epic proportions.

The problem fixed itself, and then crashed again multiple times over several days. My internet provider seriously let me down. So frustrating – they’d never done that before. But it did make me realize that I was at their mercy. I work 100% on the internet. I rely on my digital connection to the outside world to be solid and constant.

With that thought firmly in mind – I thought it prudent to get myself some back up. Enter the pocketwifi – my savior, my sanity. This little device has lowered my stress level considerably when the connection drops out yet again. It stops me worrying and allows me to get back on with my work day. Highly recommend one if you work online.

September is all about challenges, it seems. The largest being a writing challenge – #30KinSept. So far I’m at 24,000 words and with 10 days to go I should make it, as long as I can write a while the kids are on holidays. We’ll see how it goes. Tonight my newsletter goes out with links to the third chapter of my free read, Love Me True. After that, I’m back at work on Hardly a Stranger. Till next time.

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