Maximum Christmas Cheer Achieved

Wow. This year is going way too fast for me. Hard to believe I’m at the end of Christmas Day already! I’ve had a great day with my family, thank you sis for the excellent Trifle, and I was fortunate to have Santa drop by my house too with gifts for my family.

I wish everyone the same – the best holiday possible wherever you are. Be joyous and safe and above all be happy!

Christmas Happy Everything to Everyone

Be Merry Always!

The Trouble with Love is out today!

The Trouble with Love is out today! Go forth and read. So exited to share one of my favorite romances with fans of regency romance.

For those who haven’t snapped up the story. Here’s what early reviewers had to say about Whitney and Everett:

The Trouble With Love blends fanciful with emotional and begets exceptional.  If nothing else, Whitney and Acton prove that life has a sense of humor and sometimes the heart is the last to know, what the head has already discovered. ~ Isha Coleman, I LOVE ROMANCE

Ms. Boyd has created two characters that cause the rest of their world to fade with their vibrancy and willingness to be passionate about life. ~ Dianne, TOME TENDER

…it’s the slow building type of romance with a sexual chemistry just waiting to boil over. The Trouble with Love is a great addition to this series and sees one more distinguished rogue find his own HEA. ~ JG Baldos, DELUGUED WITH BOOKS CAFÉ

… this story kept me enthralled until the very end! ~ Amy Alvis, Historical Romance Lover

…the perfect amount of drama, romance, and steamy moments that make this a book to be devoured. ~ REVIEWS BY CRYSTAL

You can read their full reviews on Goodreads and retailer sites soon.


The Trouble with Love
Distinguished Rogues, book 8

The night Whitney Crewe accidentally stole a scoundrels breeches was the night before he proposed marriage to someone else. At first determined to dislike Lord Acton, Whitney is drawn to him . . . despite his secrets and her intent to leave the disappointments of England far behind.

A humorous and hot regency romance.






The Trouble with Love Excerpt

It’s just a few weeks now until my next Distinguished Rogue novel will be available to read. So very exciting to share this one because it’s been a long time coming. Whitney Crewe has featured in several of the Distinguished Rogues books already and its been fun to bring her to life. She is Lord Louth’s outspoken cousin (An Improper Proposal) and was also in an earlier book Keepsake. In that she had great fun giving Kit advice about how to get back into his wife’s good graces which kind of shocked him.

One of the first scenes I imagined for Whitney and her true love was the night they met. That was around the time of Keepsake’s events, but before An Improper Proposal began. Whitney Crewe has never enjoyed having a chaperone, her last one used to sleep a lot, so its not surprising she gets out without one as often as she can. She met her very own Distinguished Rogue one scandalous night but as you’ll see in the following excerpt it didn’t end well.

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Release day is November 7

Racy Regency: Hot Winter Nights

It is with great pleasure that I shout—HOT WINTER NIGHTS IS OUT!

Yep. Today is the day Kindle readers can devour 8 fresh new stories from the Hot Winter Nights Racy Regency Christmas Collection!

I’m pleased to say my story – The Duke and I – has received a pair of great reviews on Goodreads already. Here’s a snippet from each:

~ “This has to be my favourite story in this anthology so far. When by society’s rules a couple shouldn’t be together, yet are drawn to each other like moths to a flame, I love to see them overcome their obstacles. Their passion when given into is hot hot hot.” AnnMarie.

~ “An enthralling, sizzling story of finding love a second time around. 5 stars” Janet

Thank you ladies for the fantastic reviews!

The Duke and I made me smile a lot while I was writing it and I really hope readers enjoy it as much as I do3.

Take a peek today.

AMAZON: US  |  UK  |  CA  |  AU

Please note: This collection is exclusive to Amazon for a limited time.




Goodreads Giveaway: The Trouble with Love

I’m running a contest on Goodreads until October 29th. Enter to win one of four print copies of THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, the 8th instalment of the Distinguished Rogues regency historical romance series.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Trouble with Love by Heather Boyd

The Trouble with Love

by Heather Boyd

Giveaway ends October 29, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Keeping a promise has never been harder!

The night Whitney Crewe accidentally stole a scoundrels breeches was the night before he proposed marriage to her best friend. Although determined to dislike Lord Acton, Whitney is drawn to him . . . despite his secrets and her intent to leave the disappointments of England far behind.

A humorous and hot regency romance.

Read an excerpt



What’s next? What if?

I probably talk to myself than is good for anyone. When I finish a story, lift my head from the keyboard, I’m immediately questioning my next move. I optimistically decide to take some time away from writing, see what everyone else does with their days. Maybe I’ll kick back, relax and take in the view for a week or two. Spend time away from my regency world.

Never, ever happens.

At most, I reckon I manage a few shopping hours and an excursion to the nearest beach to be stalked by seagulls and super glossy black crows who think my purpose being there is to feed them. [Photo on the right courtesy of my quick snapping spouse, John]

But you see the minute I’m done with one story, my imagination rushes off to consider ‘what’s next’ and then the inevitable ‘what if’s’ start. I’ve not even really finished the last story completely at this point. I still have editing and formatting and publicity to set up before one book is truly final. I get no peace so it has to be a good thing I love writing and creating new adventures in the regency world I’ve created.

So, what’s next?

I’m editing the Trouble with Love right now. You might have seen a few tweets and Facebook posts about this upcoming novel. [If you have, please share or retweet me. You’ll make my day.]

The feedback from my editor was great for this story too. The changes she’s suggested should be easy and quick to finish. Painless is good. I’m strapped in this week to tackle the biggest tweaks, then its proofing time, and then formatting etc etc until its ready to be shared with reviewers and then readers everywhere.

But after that: What If …

I thought I knew what I wanted to work on next but unfortunately I hate having unfinished stories.

I dusted off Rebel Hearts book 4 last week after a year of not working on it, or being able to think of it without annoyance. You see this story, An Affair so Right, had a good beginning and then everything went terribly wrong wrong with my progress. I have picked it up and put it aside more often than I’ve ever done with another story and still never finished it. My excuse: I had some Real Life issues that took me away from work last year and (hammered me emotionally too) so the end result was the story suffered until I couldn’t work on it anymore.

The first draft was almost finished when I set it aside too. It’s not bad, but I see now after a week of assessing the manuscript it could be so much better. I’m imagining all sorts of possibilities for improvement and thankfully rediscovering my love for these characters. There’s a couple spots that will need a rewrite and additional chapters to be written to solidify the romance between the characters and that should be it. More on this story next month.

Until next time. Hope you’re week is going the way you planned.








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