Tuesday Temptation: Rodrigo Santoro

I’m participating in a writing challenge this month on twitter (@30kinSept) to get cracking on my third regency gay romance, Hardly a Stranger, and I couldn’t be happier with my start. So far this week, my duke has been shot and operated on so at the moment he’s laid up in bed recovering. Can’t give away too much, but if you assume he’s not going to be the easiest patient you wouldn’t be far wrong. LOL. The Duke of Staines is nothing but a trouble maker. I love him for that.

While he’s causing trouble for me, I thought I’d bring you some more lovely Tuesday Temptation. This week’s inspiration comes from rewatching Love Actually. The movie is filled to the brim with great actors, but I settled on one whose name I didn’t even know before today: Rodrigo Santoro.


Office romance? Oh yum!


No don’t answer the phone!


As bad guy, Xerxes in 300


He was also in a Chanel ad with Nicole Kidman.
His IMDb list of credits is pretty impressive. Maybe one day we’ll get to see him in a romantic lead.
Happy Tuesday.